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Mike WileyMike Wiley is a North Carolina-based actor, playwright and director of multiple works in documentary theatre, including The Parchman Hour, Downrange: Stories from the Homefront, Dar He: The Story of Emmett Till, the theatrical adaptation of Blood Done Sign My Name and more. The film adaptation of Wiley’s Dar He, in which he portrayed 30+ roles, received more than 40 major film festival awards around the globe. The Parchman Hour was selected as the closing event of the official 50th anniversary commemoration of the Freedom Riders in Jackson, MS.
Wiley has fifteen years credits in theatre for young audiences plus film, television and regional theatre. An Upward Bound alum and Trio Achiever Award recipient, he is an M.F.A. graduate of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and is a former Lehman-Brady Visiting Joint Chair Professor at Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies. 

A gifted and visionary artist and communicator, Wiley’s overriding goal is expanding cultural awareness for audiences of all ages through dynamic portrayals based on pivotal moments in African-American history and, in doing so, helping to unveil a richer picture of the total American experience.