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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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The YMCA is governed by the Board of Directors who establishes overall policy providing direction to the various Branch Operations. The Board of Directors confers a broad range of authority to the Branch Boards of Managers who assume responsibility for advising each YMCA. Our YMCA has an extremely strong Board of Directors and Boards of Managers. The Board of Directors is chaired by Pete Lash (Managing Partner) of Beacon Partners.

Kendall Alley
Howard Bissell
Astrid Chirinos
Sonja Gantt Gibson
James E. Harris
Gregory Johnson
Nancy B. McNelis
Lat W. Purser, III
Melissa Anderson
Charles Bowman
Theresa Drew
Kenston J. Griffin
David A. Head
Greg Kilpatrick
Dionne Nelson
Don Sherrill
John R. Belk
Kenneth Burton
Rosalyn Durant
Bridget-Anne Hampden
Cory Hohnbaum
Pete W. Lash, Jr.
Thomas Crawford Pounds
R. Christopher Thomas

Omega Autry
George Battle
Louise Cashion
w. Rennie Cuthbertson, Jr.
G. Steele Dewey, III
W. Frank Dowd, IV
Ray S. Farris
Harvey B. Gantt
Carlenia Ivory
Fred Klein, Jr.
Ward A. Pritchett
Ronald G. Sherrill
G. Kennedy Thompson
H. Thomas Webb, III
Velva W. Woollen
James G. Babb, Jr.
Howard C. Bissell
Eric C. Clark, III
Charles T. Davidson
Robert T. Dooley, Jr.
W. Frank Dowd, Jr.
Henry W. Flint
J. Frank Harrison, III
Graeme M. Keith
James H. Morgan
Russell M. Robinson
John William Southerland, Jr.
William Underwood, Jr.
Edward I. Weisiger, Sr.
William M. Barnhardt
Vivian M. Carroll
Benner B. Crigler, Sr.
Pamela Davies
Roddey Dowd, Sr.
Malcolm E. Everett, III
Leighton Ford
W. Barnes Hauptfuhrer
Robert W. King, Jr.
Bailey W. Patrick
Anna S. Nelson
C. Don Steger
Richard Vinroot
Richard T. Williams

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