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When you give to the Simmons YMCA, you make our community better through life-changing programs and services focused on:


Summer Camp
CampCamp creates a safe place where kids can be themselves, cultivate lasting friendships and learn from positive role models. Last year, more than 1,400 kids attended summer camp at the Simmons YMCA. Over 80% received financial assistance.

A donation of $1,250 sends a child to 10 weeks of summer day camp filled with enriching, healthy activities and positive role models.

Youth Sports
When kids play sports, they build confidence, discover their personal best and develop lifelong healthy habits. Over 75% of the 1,500 children who participate in sports programs at the Simmons YMCA receive financial assistance.

A donation of $100 offers a child the opportunity to build confidence and develop lifelong healthy habits during a season of youth sports.


YMCA Community Swim Academy
Through the YMCA Community Swim Academy, we provide free swimming and water safety instruction at the Y for children at greatest risk - primarily those of minority and low-income households. With the generous support of our donors, the Simmons YMCA plans to provide 100 kids at Albemarle Road Elementary with access to free swim lessons in 2017.

A donation of $75 gives a child at Albemarle Road Elementary the chance to learn the life-saving skill of swimming at the Y.

Safety Around Water
Safety Around WaterSafety Around Water is the Y’s on-site water safety program that engages low-income youth living in local apartment communities where pools are often without lifeguards. The 8-session course, taught by certified YMCA swim instructors and lifeguards, teaches children basic water safety and swimming skills that reduce their risk of drowning and give them confidence in and around water. Last year, our Ys served 1,000 kids at 20 local apartment communities – at no cost to the participants. In 2017, our goal is to engage 40 apartment communities and reach 2,000 kids across Greater Charlotte.

“Because of a near drowning experience when she was younger, my daughter used to be really afraid of the water. The Y’s Safety Around Water program has changed that. She’s not afraid anymore and loves running and jumping into the pool. Learning to face her fears has also really helped her in other aspects of her life. I’m so grateful that the Y brought this program outside of its four walls and into our community.” – Vanessa, Parent


The Y is dedicated to tackling our community’s greatest health challenges – obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer – by providing the support, guidance and resources people need to fight chronic disease, improve mobility and lead healthier lives. Improving quality of life for our whole community is our passion.

Longtime Simmons YMCA members Jim and Martie recently joined the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program to improve their health. In less than four months, Martie reached her first goal within the program. She continues to lose weight and is getting close to her desired maintenance weight. Martie has been able to reach her goals through diet control and regular daily exercise. Jim is no longer considered obese according to his BMI. He has passed his original goal within the program but would like to continue to lose another 25 pounds. Keeping a food journal and counting calories has really made a difference with his food choices and caloric intake. He enjoys lap swimming and group exercise classes and is consistent in his attendance.


Financial Assistance
Financial AssistanceOur Y is committed to serving those in greatest need. Through the generosity of our donors, we’re able to provide financial assistance for membership access and program participation, making life-changing Y programs and services available to those who need us most in East Charlotte.

“The reason I chose the Simmons YMCA is because the staff makes me and my son Mahkel feel like family and are very welcoming. As a hard working single mom, I really appreciate the financial assistance that the Y offers to moms like me so that I can allow my son to stay actively engaged across multiple programs throughout the year at affordable rates.”

A donation of $750 offers a single mother one year of access to the YMCA where she can connect with new friends and find a network of support.

For more information, please stop by or contact:
Sales & Service Center | 704 716 6600