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Jungle Junction, our preschool gymnastics program, facilitates the best learning environment for children by dividing the program into critical age groups. We provide an outlet for productive play with a focus on acquiring healthy learning attitudes for future success. All Jungle Junction classes end with a special gift, tattoo, stamp or sticker.

Girls Gymnastics Attire: Leotard without skirt, shorts or leggings with elastics waist, t-shirt, bare feet. No jewelry, hair bows, belts, jeans, skirts or shorts with snaps or zippers. Hair pulled back, off the face.

Boys Gymnastics Attire: Shorts or sweatpants, t-shirt, bare feet. No belts, jeans, or shorts with snaps or zippers.

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* This program does not currently register online. You must come into the Harris YMCA branch to register.

1 - 3 years
Research shows that early parent/child interaction greatly contributes to the healthy social, cognitive and physical development of your child.
The Jungle Junction preschool program is strategically designed to provide an outlet for productive play. The Baby Elephants class allows your child to open their imagination while they have fun and get moving! Our instructors provide a fun, safe and age appropriate environment for your child as they explore a whole new world of gymnastics equipment. It is the perfect time for you to bond with your child as you watch them choose what they want to explore. 

3 - 4 years
While developing independence, Tiger Trainees learn how to stay with a group and follow directions. We focus on gross motor development, improving coordination / strength and early gymnastics fundamentals. Each week features a fun themed lesson plan. Twice per week is recommended but not required.

3 - 5 years
A fun gymnastics experience for preschool boys. We will work on coordination, balance and strength while learning gymnastics fundamentals. Twice per week is recommended but not required.

4 - 5 years
Preschoolers who are ready for a faster paced class and follow directions need Monkey Maniacs. We focus on gymnastics skills including cartwheels, handstands, rolling while strength and body control begin to take shape. Our creative lesson plans help your child apply physical skills and principles such as respect, teamwork and responsibility into daily life. Twice per week is recommended but not required.

SUPER CUBS: Excel Gymnastics
4 - 6 years
For advanced preschoolers who have mastered basic skills and want to join a competitive gymnastics team. Or just can't get enough of twisting, tumbling and flying through the air! Our accelerated program introduces fundamental skills from the USAG Jr. Olympic programing to young gymnasts on the move. Our gymnasts build muscle, flexibility and learn amazing life skills. Registration by invitation or private evaluation only. Twice per week is recommended but not required. 

1 - 14 years
During this drop-in class, you join your child in playing, climbing and discovering a carnival of fun. Our Gymnastics Staff monitor this open gym playtime; however, you are the coach in this class and must stay with your child at all times. 

For more information or to register, please stop by or contact:
Contact Us  | 704 716 6800