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Visual Art Workshops offer a variety of fun, casual visual art classes designed for beginning or returning students. Professional teaching artists assess students at the beginning of each workshop to tailor curriculum that will inspire and challenge the unique group of young artists in the workshops. Students develop visual art technique and vocabulary as they sample various concentrations. Options vary by season including introductions to techniques and materials such as Ceramics & Wheel Throwing and Drawing & Painting.

Painting & Drawing: Picasso | 3rd-12th grade
“Every child is an artist.” Beginning with the basics of line and shape and moving into form, value, texture and scale, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of painting through basic techniques while using a variety of mediums including watercolors and acrylics.

Ceramics & Wheel Throwing | 3rd-12th grade
Be prepared to get messy in this class focused solely on working with clay and making fun and functional ceramics projects that are constantly being updated and re-imagined so they’ll always be fresh, unique and engaging experiences! Hand building, slab work and wheel throwing are explored with new projects each session.

Painting & Drawing: Pop Art! | 3rd-12th grade
Can a soup can be art? From Warhol to Lichtenstein explore the distinct styles of American “pop”-ular art from the 1960’s and learn how to elevate the mundane into a masterpiece!

Painting & Drawing: Explore The Met | 3rd-12th grade
It’s a hands on art history lesson through the permanent collection of the famed Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC! Learn to paint and draw in the style of some of the great classics from Egyptian hieroglyphs to Picasso portraiture!

Painting & Drawing: Explore the MOMA | 3rd-12th grade
Meet the masters of modern art through the Modern Museum of Art collection! Through line, shape, form, value, texture and scale students will be introduced to the fundamentals of drawing and painting inspired by the acclaimed Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

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