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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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Helping children explore their creativity, build their imaginations and develop a love for learning. 

Whole-Child Approach to Learning

The first five years of a child’s life are full of learning and discovery. We embrace a holistic approach to learning where children are engaged in activities designed to develop spirit, mind and body — with the goal to be ready socially, emotionally and academically for Kindergarten. Our balanced program focuses on literacy, social-emotional development, science, mathematics, physical development, music and art. 

Our caring teachers incorporate character lessons throughout the day with stories, activities and special learning events. We plan our classes to develop each child’s self-esteem and strong image of self-worth. In every class, we encourage children to express creativity, explore the environment, develop persistence and solve problems. 

Comprehensive, Research-Based Curriculum

One of the best ways to help children succeed is to teach them to be creative, confident thinkers. Our rigorously researched evidence-based curriculum enriched with STEAM and social emotional learning and proven framework honors creativity and is aligned with the State of North Carolina's Foundations for Early Learning standards. It’s uniquely and thoughtfully designed to help educators plan and implement a developmentally appropriate program for children that can be personalized to meet the needs of each child. Learn more about The Creative Curriculum® >>

Tracking Children’s Learning and Development

We incorporate regular child assessments and screenings into our curriculum so that we can track your child’s development and progress and tailor our teaching to meet his or her needs. We review progress with families at bi-annual parent-teacher conferences and always stand ready to answer any question or concern you may have about your child. Our partnership with Renaissance West STEAM Academy helps us get our children ready to successfully transition to Kindergarten.

If a child needs the support of a speech, occupational or physical therapy, we bring specialists on-site to provide early intervention to most effectively pave the way for success in school and in life.