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When you give to YMCA Camp Harrison, you make our community better through life-changing programs and services focused on: 

All kids deserve the chance to experience the life-changing power of camp. That’s why we award YMCA Camp Harrison scholarships to families in need, especially those who would not be able to participate otherwise. For many of these kids it’s their first time being away from home, meeting diverse friends and engaging with positive role models. Camp gives them an opportunity to build self-reliance and reach their greatest potential. Last summer we awarded 194 scholarships totaling nearly $174,000.

$1,000 sends a child to one week of resident camp where he can build self-reliance and meet new friends.
Leadership development continues beyond traditional camp to our Counselor in Training (CIT) and Junior Counselor programs. Not only do these experiences give our young staff the tools and confidence they need to deliver the best possible camp experience, it also helps them develop lifelong leadership and values-based skills that carry into adulthood. Last summer $7,000 in financial assistance was awarded for leadership development programming.

A donation of $3,000 provides four weeks of leadership development and skill-building for a Counselor in Training.
With a mission to serve all, we work every day to ensure that everyone finds a place to belong at camp and that we engage people of all abilities. That's why we support three unique camp experiences for children and adults with physical and cognitive challenges.
Camp Horizon engages children with Down syndrome; Camp Blue Skies welcomes adults with developmental disabilities; and Eagle Rock Camp serves veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Last summer we awarded $18,500 in financial assistance for these life-changing programs.
$500 offers an adult with a developmental disabilities the chance to participate in Camp Blue Skies where he can engage in activities that teach independence.
For more information, contact:
Gwen Tolman, Sr. Financial Development Officer
704 716 4158 | Gwen.Tolman@YMCACharlotte.org