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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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2018 YMCA Camp Thunderbird Financial Assistance Application for Resident/Overnight Camp ONLY

For more than 2 camper applications please complete another form.

All fields with an asterisk(*) are required.


Parent/Guardian 1 Information:

Primary Guardian*:





Parent/Guardian 2 Information:

Primary Guardian:






Camper 1 Information:


Camper Status*:


Camper 2 Information:


Camper Status:


Session Request-Please rank order from 1st choice to 3rd choice


Financial Need

(This is the gross income of ALL working people over the age of 18 that live in your household. This information can be seen on your most recent tax return line 22. If your current total household income does not reflect your 2017 tax refund please provide the correct CURRENT MONTHLY total household income.)


We reserve the right to request documentation to confirm accuracy of the current total household income.