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The Bandana Challenge Tradition defines YMCA Camp Thunderbird. 

Our Bandana Challenge rewards campers for hard work and motivates them to set goals in all activities. Created in 1983 by Wes Stevens, Scott Pitts and current Waterfront Director Bill Carraway, we embed this progressive learning system in all of our camp activities: water, land and add-ons.
Each activity includes four levels of achievement that campers strive to reach: Red (beginner), Blue (intermediate), Silver (advanced) and Gold (expert). To pass each level and receive a card, campers complete certain tasks. We award points for each card: red card=1 point, blue card=2 points, silver card=3 points, gold card=4 points. We keep a master card on record for each camper. When they return to camp, they pick up where they left off.
Campers achieve a red bandana with 12 points; blue bandana with 36 points; silver bandana with 72 points and gold bandana with 120 points.
YMCA Camp Thunderbird traditionally awards bandanas on the final night of camp at a camp-wide ceremony. Campers choose which staff member they want to recognize their achievements by awarding them with the bandana. The recognition ceremony is often the highlight of camp!
To qualify for any bandana, campers must show good citizenship in their activities and in their cabin by demonstrating the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. We recognize Gold bandana recipients by name and year on a large plaque that hangs in the YMCA Camp Thunderbird Dining Hall.