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John Raleigh Mott was born in New York in 1865. At age 20, at Mount Hermon, Mott was one of the hundred students who pledged themselves to “This great work of giving all men the opportunity to know Christ.” His life work was spent in Christian service as Chairman of the Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions, key organizer of the World's Student Christian Federation and general secretary of the National YMCA. Mott worked tirelessly around the world for the displaced and prisoners of war during two world wars. Mott received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in leading young people of the world.   

The YMCA of Greater Charlotte established an award in Mott's name in 1996 to honor an individual or family who exemplifies Mott's ideals through longtime service to the YMCA. 

Since 1996, the YMCA of Greater Charlotte has presented an award in honor of John R. Mott. Our 2017 winner is Richard "Stick" Williams. Learn more >>

2016 Andy Calhoun
2015 The Leonard Herring Family 
2014 Dr. Pamela Davies 
2013 H. Thomas Webb, III 
2012 Bill Southerland 
2011 Ward Pritchett  
2010 The Tom Dooley Family  
2009 James (Jim) H. Morgan 
2008 J. Frank Harrison, III  
2007 G. Steele Dewey, III 
2006 The Dowd Family 
2005 Russell M. Robinson, II 
2004 Malcolm (Mac) Everett  
2003 Robert (Bob) King, Jr. 
2002 Graeme M. Keith  
2001 H.C. (Smoky) Bissell  
2000 Harry H. Brace 
1999 Thomas M. Belk 
1998 James J. Harris 
1997 William M. Barnhardt  
1996 Joseph W. Grier, Jr.