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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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Each Y volunteer plays an important role in moving our communities forward. Everyone touched by the Y has a story, and every story can be traced back to a Y volunteer who believed change was possible.

Each year we honor a George Williams Award winner from our Y branches and resident camps. The award is named for George Williams who founded the YMCA in London in 1844. At 22, the farmer-turned-department store worker became deeply troubled as he witnessed other young men turning to dangerous influences. He organized 11 friends for Bible study, prayer and escape from life on the streets. The Y started around a common purpose – meeting the social needs in the community. We do the same today.

The passion-driven leaders listed below represent what makes each of our YMCAs uniquely positioned to strengthen the foundation of our community. We thank them for believing in the impact of the Y and for their invaluable contributions of time and talent to help our Ys grow stronger in service to others.

In recognition of our founder, the YMCA of Greater Charlotte honors outstanding volunteers at each branch and camp.


John McCormick
Childress Klein YMCA
John C. McCall
Lake Norman YMCA
Gail Crew
Simmons YMCA
Christopher Blanton
Sally's YMCA
Mark Hilton
Brace Family YMCA
William Smith
Ashley Tomlinson
Lowe's YMCA
Malinda Gill
Steele Creek YMCA
Colin Stockton
McCrorey YMCA
Amy Ramsey
Harris YMCA
Andrew Elliott
Morrison YMCA
Joseph C. Johnson
Stratford Richardson YMCA
Bill Allen
Keith Family YMCA
David M. Adams
Johnston YMCA
Wayne Hoyle
Lincoln County YMCA
Jennifer Caicedo
YMCA Camp Thunderbird
Jeff Stanfield
YMCA Camp Harrison