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WEEK OF MAY 1, 2017
You may have noticed some new green walls. These are our temporary interior walls that will remain in place while we continue to expand the facility out towards East Morehead Street. While the construction of these walls may have misplaced some of your exercise equipment or studio space, we hope that you’ll find these walls useful as they will be used to display renderings and plans for our new facility! Be sure to check them out for periodic updates of what’s coming.

Beginning on Wednesday, May 3, we will begin an abatement process to rid our building of materials containing asbestos, as is typical to find in many buildings built in the same era as the Dowd YMCA. The work will be completed by a professional abatement contractor and monitored by a third party to ensure that all proper procedures are followed and necessary precautions are observed. There will be no risk to members or YMCA staff. The abatement process will be completed at night when there are no individuals on site and we do not anticipate any impact on the member experience. Please contact Joe Angelon with any questions.

Installation of interior construction walls on the Morehead Street side of the building will begin. As a result of these new walls:

  • Fitness equipment may move on the first and third floors.
  • Minor adjustments to group exercise classes may occur. The Tread class location will change. Please be sure to check class schedules for up to date information.
  • The Men’s Health Center will lose some space, including the temporary closure of one of the two steam rooms.
  • The yoga studio will relocate to the fourth floor during the week of April 10.

The entrance to the building on Morehead Street will close, including the lower level entrance to the elevator.

We will transition six parking spaces on the Lexington Avenue side of the building by the pool into four new handicap spots.

A construction fence will be put up around the Morehead Street side of the building. When this happens, the parking lot will no longer be accessible from the Morehead Street entrance or the first entrance on South Caldwell Street (closest to Morehead Street). You will also no longer be able to park in the spaces along Morehead Street.

The Gentlemen’s Quarters Barbershop is closed as of March 24 and will move to a new location at Charlotte Town Hairstyling at 2412 Park Road. Ron Farmer is an important part of the Dowd YMCA legacy. We are evaluating plans for a barbershop in the expanded and renovated Dowd YMCA, and are working to finalize the scope and exact location.

Happy New Year from the Dowd YMCA! We are in the final stretch before opening our expansion this spring and we know space is tight. Starting January 8th, we’re staying open late to celebrate a new year, our (almost) new building and reinvigorated resolutions.

Our extended winter hours will be:
Monday – Thursday 5:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday 7:30 AM - 8:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

*Pools and locker rooms will close Mon-Thu 10:00 PM, Fri 9:00 PM, Sat & Sun 6:00 PM
Thank you for your continued patience during our renovation. We don’t anticipate any significant facility changes that would impact your experience until April 2018. 

Big things are happening at the Y. The steel structure of our expansion is almost complete, which means we're one step closer to the new and improved Dowd YMCA. You'll soon begin to see some changes within the branch, too.

We want to inform you of an upcoming major change taking place on the third floor of the fitness center. During the week of October 23, the stairwell between the third and fourth floors of the fitness center will be closing. This permanent closure means that members will need to use the current emergency stairwell to access the yoga studio, cardio equipment and Fit Central on the fourth floor. We will provide adequate signage in the branch to make sure the transition is as seamless as possible!
Other imminent changes include equipment relocations and locker eliminations in the Men's Health Center; closure of a significant part of the main lobby seating area; and a partial layout change of the Free Weight Center on the first floor. Most of the equipment currently in the Free Weight Center will remain, but it may be moved to a different location.

For more information, please stop by or contact:
Sales & Service Center | 704 716 6100