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Afterschool CentralWelcome to Afterschool Central at the Simmons YMCA!

Afterschool Central is your one-stop information center providing all the details you need to help you understand our program’s procedures, policies, schedules and more. We strive to create a hassle-free experience where parents feel secure about their kids in our care. Take a moment to review this information and set your child up for a wonderful year of learning, growth and fun. We hope Afterschool at the Y will be one of the best parts of your child’s school year!


Parent Handbook
Parent Handbook
Supply List
Supply List
Schedule / Calendar
Food / Snack Info
Pick Up
Authorized Pick-Up
Payment Procedures
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Parent Handbook
Parent Handbook
This is your go-to guide for everything you and your child need to know to be prepared and have an awesome Afterschool experience!
Simmons YMCA offers transportation to and/or from a limited number of schools. The determination of transportation is based upon mileage, first come, first-served and time availability. Most students qualify for transportation through Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, so all CMS parents must contact the school to complete an “Alternate Transportation Request” listing the Simmons YMCA as the intended “AM stop” or “PM stop”. Alternate Stop Request Form >>

YMCA bus transportation is provided for the following charter schools for afternoon school pick up: 
  • Brookstone School
  • KIPP Change Academy
  • Queens Grant Community School
*We must have 5 children registered in our program in order for us to pick up from a charter school. Please contact Afterschool Coordinator with transportation questions.
CMS bus transportation is provided by the school system for the following schools for afternoon YMCA drop off if a parent completes the CMS required process for an alternate stop:
  • Albemarle Road Elementary
  • Bain Elementary School
  • Beverly Woods Elementary
  • Briarwood Academy
  • Clear Creek Elementary School
  • Cotswold Elementary School
  • Crown Point Elementary School
  • Eastover Elementary School
  • Greenway Park Elementary School
  • Hickory Grove Elementary School
  • Idlewild Elementary School
  • J. H. Gunn Elementary School
  • Joseph W. Grier Academy
  • Lawrence Orr Elementary School
  • Lebanon Road Elementary School
  • Merry Oaks International Academy
  • Oakdale Elementary School
  • Oakhurst STEAM Academy
  • Piney Grove Elementary School
  • Rama Road Elementary School
  • Reedy Creek Elementary School
  • Shamrock Gardens Elementary School
  • Windsor Park Elementary School
  • Winterfield Elementary School
If students are registered in another Y program that begins at 6:00 PM or 6:30 PM, we will take those children to the program. Please see the Sales & Service Center to complete the “runner” form.
Supply List
Supply List
Check the weather daily and dress your child accordingly — afterschool will continue rain or shine! Be sure to label EVERYTHING you send with your child and check the afterschool’s lost and found at the end of the week before items are donated. Have your child wear close-toed shoes and bring a water bottle. If you wish, you can pack an extra healthy, nut-free snack for your child outside of the one we provide.  
Afterschool Care | 2:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Out of School Day/Camp | 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Our program coordinates with the CMS School Calendar in regards to teacher work days, holidays and student breaks.
  • August 28: First Day of School
  • September 4: Closed for Labor Day
  • September 22: Out of School Day
  • October 30: Out of School Day
  • November 10: Out of School Day
  • November 22 - 24: Closed for Thanksgiving
  • December 20 - 21: Out of School Day (Winter Break)
  • December 22 - 26: Closed for Christmas
  • Dec 27-29  Out of School Day (Winter Break)
  • January 1: Closed for New Year’s Day
  • January 2: Out of School Day (Winter Break)
  • January 15: Closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • January 22: Out of School Day
  • February 19: Closed for President’s Day
  • March 29: Out of School Day (Spring Break)
  • March 30: Closed for Good Friday
  • April 2: Closed for Easter
  • April 3 - 6: Out of School Day (Spring Break)
  • May 28: Closed for Memorial Day
At the Simmons Y, our goal is to offer a well-balanced Afterschool program. While we understand the importance that homework plays in the life of a child, we strive to meet the needs of the whole child. In addition to helping children meet personal academic goals, we recognize our responsibility to give children a chance to be socialized and have unstructured play. 
  • It is a requirement that we offer 3 activity choices during a 3-hour time frame.
  • For those choosing to do homework we offer a 40 - 50 minute homework
  • We support homework by offering help when needed, paper, pencils, and basic resources such as books, a thesaurus and dictionary.
  • Access to technology for online homework is available but not guaranteed for each child daily.
Food / Snack Info
A healthy snack will be provided for students in afterschool. If your child needs gluten free foods, you must provide them. If a child refuses to eat because he/she does not like a particular food, we will not provide an alternative.

You can pack an extra, nut-free snack for your child if you wish. Please be mindful to provide healthy, balanced snacks that are not heavily sugared or high in caffeine. A complete meal should include a meat or meat alternate, fruit or vegetable, and bread. Sodas and fast food will not be permitted in the program. Items containing peanut butter are not permitted. There may be occasional sweets served at special events, but servings will be limited.
Pick Up 
All children must be signed in daily. An Afterschool team member will be responsible for checking the children “in” on normal afterschool days when they arrive by their prospective buses. If a parent is dropping a child off they must come in to see the team member for sign “in”. The Parent or Persons Authorized to pick up a child must sign each child “out”. Sign in/out happens daily in the parent corner located in the lobby by the Afterschool wing.
For Full-Day programs, Parents must bring the child in and sign them “in” with the Afterschool team member. The Parent or Persons Authorized to pick up a child must sign them “out”. The sign in/out sheet will be located at the Afterschool Parent Corner.
For the safety of your child, participants will only be released to the legal guardian or responsible adult at least 18 years of age listed on the child’s registration form. Every adult must present a photo ID during rides out.  In the event that a child will be picked up by an adult not listed on the registration form, a parent note (including the person's name as it appears on their photo ID) is required and a photo ID must be shown during pick-up. Thank you for helping to expedite this process by having your ID ready.
We encourage you to leave your child at Afterschool until the day ends so they will not miss out on activities and recognition of awards earned that day. We understand that there will be exceptions and when this occurs, please notify the Afterschool Director in writing or by phone at least 3 days in advance.
In fairness to our staff and because of subsequent program demands, it is very important that your child is picked up each Afterschool day on time. Pick up after the designated pick up time of 6:30 PM will result in a late fee charge to be paid the following day. This fee is $1 per minute after 6:30 PM. This secures accountability in the care of the children. Failure to pay the late fee will result in a cessation of services until the fee is paid. Payment may not be left with the counselor and/or leadership staff. All payments must be made at the front desk.
Payment Procedures
Afterschool registrations are processed on a first-come, first served basis:
  • YMCA Member Registration began April 1, 2017
  • Program Participant Registration began April 15, 2017
  • $18/per day for Members
  • $24/ per day for Program Participants
YMCA Member and Program Participant rates are determined by the Afterschooler’s YMCA membership status. All balances to date must be paid in full in order for an Afterschooler to attend. No exceptions. If your membership status changes or financial assistance status changes during enrollment, the payment will be adjusted accordingly.
Tuition is due 15th of each month from August to May and split into 10 equal payments based on annual tuition cost. Payment options are:
  • Pay in full at time of registration.
  • Pay in person. Monthly payments will be accepted at the Sales and Service Desk in the form of cash, money order, or credit card.
If registration takes place after August 15th tuition will be divided among the remaining months of the school year. Alternate payment schedules may be available upon request.
Payments received after the balance due date will be charged $25 per child, per session. Once the late fee has been assessed, only credit cards or cash will be accepted.
Cancellations and requests to transfer programs must be made in writing to your YMCA Sales and Service representative. Cancellations or requests for transfers must be received at least 8 days prior to the start of afterschool or 15 days prior to cancellation.
As part of our My Y Pricing rate structure, an Adjusted Program Rate is available to all who qualify. Both Members and Program Participants must provide income verification at the Sales & Service Center in order to receive an adjusted program rate.
CCRI Information >>
Contact Us
Contact Us
Angela Perry, Afterschool Coordinator
704 716 6627 | angela.perry@ymcacharlotte.org

Sandra McPhaul, Family Services Director
704 716 6616sandra.mcphaul@ymcacharlotte.org

For more information, please stop by or contact:
Sales & Service Center | 704 716 6600