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5900 Quail Hollow Rd, Charlotte, NC 28210
Today: 5:00 am - 9:00 pm

Today's Hours

Branch: 5:00 am - 9:00 pm
Branch Tour: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
Drop-In Child Care: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Gymnasium: 3:15 pm - 8:45 pm
Indoor Lap Pool: 6:00 am - 7:30 pm
Indoor Multi-Purpose Pool: 11:00 am - 7:30 pm
Indoor Zero Entry Pool: 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Outdoor Pool: Closed
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Harris YMCA - Branch Amenities

The Harris YMCA features a fitness center, indoor pools, outdoor pools and community programming facilities.

Branch Amenities
Aerobics Studio
Basketball Courts
Cardio Theater
Child Care Classrooms
Community Meeting Space
Cycle Studio
Dance Studio
Drop In Child Care
Drop Off Child Care
Exercise/Fitness Studio
Fitness Center
Free Guest WiFi
Functional Training Studio
Group Exercise Studio
Gymnastics Center
Health Screenings
Indoor Pool
Indoor Pool Cool
Indoor Pool Vortex
Indoor Pool Warm
Indoor Track
Indoor Wading Pool
Indoor Water Slide
Just Fresh Café
Kid's Place
Mind & Body Exercise Studio
Multi-use Studio
Nursing Area/Cry Room
Personal Training Studio
Teaching Kitchen
Teen Activity Center
Training Center
Cotty Adventure Park
Cotty Adventure Park
Fitness Equipment
Cardio/Strength Machines
Free Motion
Free Weights
Hammer Strength
Rowing Machines
Locker Room Amenities
Complimentary Lock Rental
Hair Dryers
Individual Showers
Locker Rooms
Private Locker Rentals
Steam Room
Swimsuit Water Extractors
Outdoor Amenities
Aquatics Pavilion & Pool Cove
Archery Range
Athletic Fields
Climbing Wall
Community Garden
Large Wooded Area
Outdoor Kiddie Pool
Outdoor Pavilion
Outdoor Pool
Outdoor Splashpad
Outdoor Track
Outdoor Water Slide
Picnic Area
Playground/Play Area
Water Park

Harris YMCA - Branch Amenities

Cotty Adv Park 10
Harris Aquatics - Swim 44
Harris Aquatics - Swim 48
Harris Aquatics - Swim 50
Harris Aquatics - Swim 42
Harris Aquatics - Swim 43
Harris Aquatics - Swim 34
Harris Aquatics - Swim 37
Harris Aquatics - Swim 31
Harris Aquatics - Swim 23
Amenities of Harris YMCA for South Charlotte community
Harris Aquatics - Swim 26
Harris Aquatics - Swim 21
Harris Aquatics - Swim 27
Harris Aquatics - Swim 20
Harris Aquatics - Swim 19
Harris Aquatics - Swim 16
Harris YMCA Gymnastics Area 07
Harris YMCA Gymnastics Area 08
Harris YMCA Gymnastics Area 09
Harris YMCA Gymnastics Area 10
Harris YMCA Gymnastics Area 11
Harris YMCA Gymnastics Area 12
Harris YMCA Gymnastics Area 13
Harris YMCA Gymnastics Area 06
Harris YMCA Front Elevation 7
Harris YMCA Gymnastics Area 03
Harris YMCA Gymnastics Area 04
Harris YMCA Gymnastics Area 05
Harris YMCA Gymnastics Area 02
Harris YMCA Gymnastics Area 01
Harris YMCA Campus 9
Harris YMCA Campus 8
Harris YMCA Outdoor Stretching Area
Harris YMCA Campus 7
Harris YMCA Front Elevation 5
Harris YMCA Campus 6
Harris YMCA Front Elevation 4
Harris YMCA Campus 5
Harris YMCA Campus 4
Harris YMCA Front Elevation 3
Harris YMCA Outdoor Pool
Harris YMCA Outdoor Pool
Harris YMCA Outdoor Pool
Harris YMCA Barre Studio
Harris YMCA Campus 1
Harris YMCA Front Elevation 2
Harris YMCA Meeting Area 3
Harris YMCA Fine Arts Area
Harris YMCA Meeting Area 2
Harris YMCA Yoga Studio
Harris YMCA Chapel 2
Harris YMCA Fitness Area 5
Harris YMCA Walking Track
Harris YMCA Chapel 1
Harris YMCA Indoor Gym
Checkout Harris YMCA group exercise schedule for classes near you
Harris YMCA Exercise Studio 4
Harris YMCA Locker Room 5
Harris YMCA Locker Room 4
Harris YMCA Childcare Area 5
Harris YMCA Steam Room
Harris YMCA Sauna
Harris YMCA Locker Room 3
Harris YMCA Indoor Pool 5
Harris YMCA Childcare Area 4
Harris YMCA Locker Room 2
Harris YMCA Indoor Pool 4
Harris YMCA Locker Room 1
Harris YMCA Lounge Area
Harris YMCA Indoor Pool 3
Harris YMCA Cycle Studio 2
Harris YMCA Childcare Area 3
Harris YMCA Exercise Studio 3
Harris YMCA Indoor Pool 2
Harris YMCA Fitness Area 4
Harris YMCA Cycle Studio 1
Harris YMCA Indoor Pool 1
Harris YMCA Exercise Studio 2
Harris YMCA Fitness Area 3
Check out the Harris YMCA for indoor fitness and group exercise
Harris YMCA Fitness Area 2
Harris YMCA Exercise Studio 1
Harris YMCA Fitness Area 1
Harris YMCA Childcare Area 2
Harris YMCA Teen Area
Harris YMCA Childcare Area 1
Harris YMCA Meeting Area 1
Harris YMCA Massage Studio 2
Harris YMCA Massage Studio 1
Harris YMCA Cafe
Hours of Operation at Harris YMCA
Harris YMCA Guest Services
Harris Front Elevation 2
Harris YMCA Front Elevation 1
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