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Paddle Boarding

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Stand-Up Paddle Boarding is becoming one of the fastest growing water sports in the country. Easy to learn, this great outdoor activity stimulates the mind and body plus it's an amazing full body workout. Get one of the best core, strength training and balance workouts on a stand-up paddle board.

For all ages and abilities. As your paddling technique and skills increase, you expand your workout potential.  Come experience the benefits at our beautiful lakefront YMCA.
One hour | Available from May through August.


Hop in one of our fabulous Group Fitness Paddle Board classes and learn how to master the board with others! Some of our Paddle Board instructors are Yoga certified and they may choose to incorporate some various Yoga poses into the class. Other instructors who are not Yoga certified may choose to practice more traditional strength exercises on the board such as squats, lunges, push ups & sit ups. Our biggest suggestion to you is to come try out different classes and figure out what you like! Find a class >>

Come dressed in clothes you don’t mind getting wet if you do happen to go swimming. Many participants wear comfortable shorts and shirt over top of a swim suit. Sunglasses for evening classes are recommended. 

We have 9 boards available for members. If there are no sign up genius reservations 30 minutes before class start time the class will be cancelled. To ensure you get a paddleboard, reserve your spot >>

Looking to enjoy stand-up paddle boarding without instruction? Spend time on the lake paddling at your own leisure during one of our Open Water times.

Take your yoga practice onto a stand-up paddleboard. Adding the element of water simply increases the amount of core stability you need to achieve every pose. 

Not into group workout? We conduct this one-on-one training on the beach and on the water. Our customized program meets your goals whether it's weight loss, muscle gain or just feeling better. Learn more >>

To register, please stop by or contact:
Sales & Service Center | 704 716 4400