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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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10 - 15 years
Participants learn why and how to exercise effectively using cardio, strength-training and core workouts. Upon completion, participants may use the Fitness & Wellness Center facilities and equipment.
10 - 11 Years: With training plus parent.
12 - 15 Years: With training, alone. 
14 - 15 Years: Can access free weights after completion of Additional Training 

Member: Free
Additional Training (Optional): $60 for 3 sessions
For ages 12 - 17 years
These classes teach proper equipment technique and help youth reach their fitness goals. Ages 12 - 15 take this course to achieve a youth fitness band. Ages 16 - 17 achieve fitness goals along with receiving Health Consultations.

Program Participant: $30 for 12 weeks

For ages 4-12 years
This class incorporates fun games and movements to help make exercise fun for young members. Parents are welcome to stay and participate.
For ages 4-12 years
This class is geared to introduce kids to yoga in a fun atmosphere. Parents welcome to stay and participate.
Why race? Because it's fun and rewarding! Now you can train for several races in the area.    

​iRun, iRock
4th - 8th grade
Participants run, walk, skip and jog in this “no pressure” program while training for the spring Family Fun Day 5K at the Lake Norman YMCA. We discuss pacing strategies to build endurance and race nutrition.

Group Race Training
For ages 14+
Train with your peers! Meet weekly with a running coach to train and plan for your race preparations. 
YMCA Tri Training
For ages 14+
Our traditional triathlon training program helps you train for your first tri or improve your speed, endurance and race times. Tri Training is perfect preparation for the annual Lake Norman YMCA Sprint Triathlon. Program includes running, swimming and cycling training, nutrition training, open water swims and more! 
Personal Race Training
For ages 14+
Our coaches offer personal race training for one-on-one attention. 

For more information, please stop by or contact:
Sales & Service Center | 704 716 4400