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Swim Team


THE PENGUINS | 5 – 18 years
The Penguins provide an entry-level developmental swim team where the focus ensures that athletes are having fun, forming strong team bonds, developing a foundation, learning competitive strokes and learning the basics of swimming. With professional coaching, our team strives to maximize individual potential and promote swimming in the community. We structure the Penguins into several different practice groups to provide quality instruction and maximum development for each team member. 

LIGHTNING | Lowe's YMCA Competitive Swim Team
The Lowes Lightning is a year around competitive training group aimed at developing advanced technical skills and a strong aerobic foundation. Open tryouts are held in August and practices start in September. Swimmers must be legal in all four strokes and turns.

The training emphasis of this group is centered on continuing to develop strong technical skills in all strokes, starts, turns and underwater work.

SWIM TEAM PREP | 5 - 18 years
Divided by age groups, this program improves stroke technique for the novice to experienced swimmer.

Participants work to:
  • Improve stroke technique
  • Improve starts and turns
  • Improve speed and endurance
  • For ages 5 - 10: Swim 25-yard freestyle with rotary breathing and 1/2 length of backstroke
  • For ages 11 - 18: Swim 50-yard freestyle with rotary breathing and 50-yard backstroke
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For more information, please stop by or contact:
Sales & Service Center | 704 716 4000