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Preschool Central

Welcome to Preschool Central at the Lowe's YMCA!

Preschool Central is your one-stop information center providing all the details and information you need so you’ll know what to expect and your child will be prepared for a wonderful year of learning and growth. We strive to create a worry-free experience where parents feel secure about their children in our care. We’re excited to nurture and teach your child at preschool this year!


Parent Handbook
Parent Handbook
Parent FAQs
Teacher Classroom List
Teacher/Classroom List
Supply List
Supply List
Schedule / Calendar
Food / Snack Info
Add Ons
Program Add-Ons
Pick Up
Drop-Off / Pick-Up
Payment Procedures
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Parent Handbook
Parent Handbook
This is your go-to guide for everything you and your Preschooler need to know to be prepared and have an awesome Preschool experience! Read the Parent Handbook >>
Parent FAQs
Parent FAQs
  • Please label everything your child is bringing to and from the Y.
  • Please leave all electronics at home. We are not responsible for anything that is lost, stolen or broken during the program.
  • Please send a snack and a refillable water bottle each day with your child. We are not serving snacks.
  • The parent handbook is a valuable resource for detailed information or you may contact Jennifer McKnight with any other questions. 
Teacher Classroom List
Teacher / Classroom List
Our preschool is staffed with capable and caring teachers who are eager to work with your child. Each are trained in early child development and exemplify outstanding character, compassion and love for children.

  • 2 year olds: Sharon Ellerby and Sheri Deas
  • 3 year olds: Lew Meadows and Iris Rodriguez
  • Younger 4 year olds: Christy Burby
  • Older 4 year olds: Due to this being a new class offering at Fair View, separation of the class isn’t guaranteed until registration of our 4’s exceeds classroom capacity
  • 2-year-olds: Amy Gibbons and Jessica Jacob
  • 3-year-olds: Keela Hutchinson and Michelle White
  • Younger 4-year-olds: Debbie Nicholson and Jyoti Sharma
  • Older 4-year-olds: Amy Hudson
Lowe’s YMCA Preschool Coordinator: Jennifer McKnight
Family Services Director: Danielle Crimi
Supply List
Your child will need a LARGE backpack daily.  In your child’s backpack please bring:
  • Preschoolers in the two year old classroom need to bring a minimum of three diapers and wipes (if your child is in diapers)
  • All preschoolers need to bring a complete change of clothes (including socks and shoes).  For our two year olds who are in the new to potty training, we also recommend placing a pair of flip flops as well.
  • A nutritious and nut free snack and a drink in a lunch box or bag.
Please monitor these supplies daily and replenish as needed.
Since toys from home can be lost or cause friction among children, please do not let your child bring them to school.  A young child may bring something for security, such as a pacifier or blanket.  These will be placed in your child’s backpack at the first available opportunity.
  • September 4 and 5: First day(s) of Preschool
  • October 29: Teacher Workday (No School)
  • November 12: Holiday (No School)
  • November 21 - 23: Thanksgiving Break (No School)
  • December 19: Last day before Christmas Break
  • December 20 – January 2: Christmas Break
  • January 3 and 4: Return to school
  • January 21 - 23: Holiday & Teacher Workday (No School)
  • February 15: Teacher Workday
  • March 11: Teacher Workday
  • March 29: Teacher Workday
  • April 19 - 26: Spring Break (No School)
  • May 23 and 24: Last Days of School
The inclement weather policy for the Lowe's YMCA Preschool is as follows:
  • If the Iredell Statesville School (ISS) system is delayed for 1 or 2 hours, then the Lowe's YMCA Preschool will open 1 hour later and close at regular time.
  • If the Iredell Statesville School (ISS) system is delayed for more than 2 hours, then the Lowe's YMCA Preschool will be closed. 
  • If the Iredell Statesville School (ISS) system is closed, then the Lowe’s YMCA Preschool will be closed. 
The Lowe’s YMCA does not up school days missed due to inclement weather even if ISS has a scheduled make up day.  There are no refunds for weather cancellations.

If you have any questions about preschool openings:
  1. The Preschool Coordinator will email all preschool families in the case of preschool delays or closings.
  2. For other program updates, you may check our website for weather messages.  The messages will be updated hourly. 
Food / Snack Info
All classes have a scheduled snack time daily.  Please send a small nutritious and peanut free and nut free snack for your child to enjoy during this time.  Water bottles are a great beverage selection for small children.  If your child uses a spill-proof cup, please label and supply a beverage in that cup every day.
We value regular communication with our preschool families and want to keep you informed of all that’s happening in our preschool program and your child’s classroom. Your child’s teacher will send home weekly newsletters, either in your child’s folder or electronically.  This will provide you with important reminders, announcements, important dates, as well as more details on your preschooler’s week.
Add Ons
Program Add-Ons
Extend your child’s preschool day with fun and educational day activities. Take a look the following options that are available as Add-Ons:
LUNCH BUNCH | 3- and 4-year-olds | Fair View Location
Starting in October on Wednesdays from 12:00 PM - 12:50 PM, we offer a monthly program called “Lunch Bunch” to help your child learn, grow and have fun at our preschool.  The program consists of lunch (parent provided) as well as includes a bonus learning session.  The learning sessions will help preschool students use their imagination, fine and large motor skills, and creativity.  Registration information will be shared with parents in September which will allow parents to opt to pre-register for this add-on program for the following month.  Please note that we will need at least five students in each session to facilitate the class.  If you pay and we do not meet our numbers, money will be refunded or credited to your account.
Fees: $25.00 for all 4 sessions OR $15 for two sessions of your choice.
(Please remember you must choose at least two sessions)
  • Mad Scientist: Exciting science activities will teach preschoolers cool science facts using hands on activities.
  • Brain Academy: Engaging academic sessions will work with the preschoolers on writing, letter recognition, math and reading.
  • Energy Express: Preschoolers will be up and moving as they work on sports skills, music and movement and fitness activities.
  • Kids Concoctions: Hands on learning activities will allow preschoolers to be creative while cooking or making an elaborative and fun art project.
Please note that we will need at least 5 students in each session to facilitate the class. If you pay and we do not meet our numbers, money will be refunded or credited to your account.
Help your child explore a new sport through this preschool add-on available for our Three and Four Year Old preschool classes. There are two sessions in the fall and two sessions in the spring. Each Session is offered for 6 weeks on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday (or both).

Prepare them to play at the league level. YMCA trained staff lead players in drills and games designed to develop the fundamental skills required for the sport. In YMCA clinics, participants improve skills, make new friends and have fun.
Mondays/Wednesdays | January 7 - February 27
Tuesdays/Thursdays | January 8 - February 28
Beginner swim lessons will be taught by Lowe’s YMCA Aquatics Staff for our three and four year old preschool classes. To participate in this clinic, you must be enrolled in the Y’s preschool department.

Monday/Wednesday and/or Tuesday/Thursday | 12:15 PM - 1:00 PM
Additional Information:
  • Parents need to provide a peanut-free, ready-to-eat snack/lunch. 
  • Please pack the preschool daily snack and lunch separately.
  • No afternoon car line.  Pick up on the pool deck at 12:50 pm.
Registration at the Sales & Service Center beginning December 1 for YMCA members and December 15 for non-members.
Pick Up 
Preschool begins daily at 9:00 AM and ends at 12:00 PM. Drop-off and pick-up procedures are different for our two locations, and specific information will be given to you at the open house. To ensure the safety of all children in our programs, we need your most current information. The quickest and easiest way is to go to your account on the website and update your information online. You can also update your information at the branch.
Please keep these helpful drop-off and pick-up tips and guidelines in mind:
  • Preschool arrival and dismissal procedures will require time and patience
  • Be understanding that during the first few weeks of school everyone is adjusting to a new routine
  • Do not talk on your cell phone while in line to pick up your child — this is both a safety issue and a beneficial time to talk about your child’s day at school
  • Each parent will be asked to show a personal identification card that presents a picture and name. If an alternate person will be providing transportation for your child they will be verified on the personal information sheet and asked for identification.
  • Be sure to have the proper seat in your car for preschoolers being picked up — child safety seats are required by law
Preschool ends at 12:00 PM. A 10-minute grace period will be granted for late pick-ups. After the grace period is over a $1 per minute fee will be charged. Payment is expected prior to future attendance. Chronic late pick-ups may be grounds for dismissal from preschool. If a child is not picked up after one hour without contact from a parent or guardian, local authorities will be called. 
Payment Procedures
Bank Draft or Debit/Credit Card Draft: Monthly bank drafts will occur on the 15th of the month beginning on August 15 and ending on April 15 for 9 total payments.
Contact Us
Contact Us
Jennifer McKnight, Preschool Coordinator

Danielle Crimi
Family Services Director
704 716 4043 | dcrimi@ymcacharlotte.org 
Kyna Badger, Program Registrar (All draft and money questions)
704 716 4409 | kyna.badger@ymcacharlotte.org

For more information, please stop by or contact:
Sales & Service Center | 704 716 4000