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PlaygroundWe are excited to share with you that the Brace Family YMCA will begin a new playground addition in January located on a portion of the back upper parking lot! In order to prepare the site, the upper parking lot will be CLOSED beginning December 14 for three weeks to work on drainage modifications and landscaping. Once the playground equipment arrives in January, the upper lot will temporarily close again for the installation. Depending on weather, permits and vendor timelines, we are anticipating the playground installation will be complete by the later part of January.

Please visit the Sales & Service Center for more information.


The Brace Family YMCA sincerely appreciates your patience as we continue our path of evolving with the changing needs of our members! We are excited to announce that our Adult Locker Room and Mind Body Studio project will be completed October 22nd!

The steam and sauna rooms will again be available in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms.

The new locker dimensions are 15’ X 18”. We took into consideration feedback that the original lockers were too small (12” X 12” with a smaller framed opening) to fit gym bags and hangers. Our team conducted a locker utilization review during our busiest month of the year (January) and recommended a plan utilizing multiple locker heights and locations that better match our members’ usage patterns. This plan allowed for 61 additional locker spaces in the adult locker rooms, Mind Body Lobby and outdoor locker rooms.

The original lockers were smaller in size and had a small door opening. This created a challenge for members to lock up larger gym bags. The new bigger locker size allows for members to safely secure all their belongings eliminating unsecured bags outside of the lockers.

The new locker room design allows for more open space and less congestion in between locker bays. The square footage difference between the two locker rooms is very small at approximately the size of a small office. Our branch is blessed to have a variety of diverse members; some of whom require a separate training space from male members. These extra few feet allowed us to address these needs and support our mission to be inclusive for all.

New group exercise schedule goes into effect October 20th >>

In partnership with our Association Director of Group Exercise, our branch created a brand new schedule to better serve our entire membership base, from those new to group exercise to those that have committed years to the practice. As an association, we are aiming to be welcoming and inclusive to all levels of exercisers.

This new schedule, beginning October 20th, allows for smoother transitions and more variety while creating consistency in class options and start times. In keeping with current fitness trends, this schedule offers the opportunity to stack classes allowing members the ability to take multiple classes back to back. We based our changes on the Annual S.E.E.R. survey and other member feedback. The survey is found on our website >> 

The new Mind Body Studio has new cushioned antibacterial floor, tranquil atmosphere and infrared radiant heat designed for use with our hot yoga classes. The studio space will house ALL (with only a few exceptions) of our Yoga, Barre and Pilates classes. Check out our Group Ex Schedule for a complete listing. While we do not allow shoes in the studio to protect the floor, bare feet or yoga/barre socks are permitted.


The new Mind Body Studio coming in October to the Brace Family YMCA will provide several enhancements to your mind body class experience including state of the art Infrared Radiant Heat for Hot Yoga and cushioned antibacterial flooring.

In the last 25 years, extensive research has been carried out world-wide regarding the numerous benefits of infrared heat therapy.
  • Eliminates Toxins More Efficiently
  • Boosts Our Immune System
  • Skin Becomes Healthier
  • Revs Up Your Metabolism
  • Decreases Pain in the Muscles and Joints
  • Improves Cardio-Vascular Health and Helps Lower Blood Pressure
The high-quality flooring with shock absorption features an anti-fatigue, cushioned-step that allows mind body class enthusiasts to push their strength to the maximum level. This anti-microbial product offers optimal cleanliness too!


Enjoy preparing for your class in our mind body lobby equipped with benches, cubbies and lockers for your convenience.

When will the renovations take place?
The estimated timeline is early July through mid October 2018. Frequent updates will be posted on our branch webpage as well as our Facebook page.



Brace Family YMCA Renovations: Questions, Answers and Communication

The Brace Family YMCA is continuing on our path of evolving with the changing needs of our members! On JULY 2, our Adult Locker Rooms and Group Exercise Room 1 will begin renovations.
What areas of the branch will be involved in this phase of renovations?
The Adult Locker Rooms, Yoga Studio and Group Exercise Room 1 will be renovated and temporarily closed during this phase of renovations.
When will the renovations take place?
The estimated timeline is early July through mid September 2018. Frequent updates will be posted on our branch webpage as well as our Facebook page.
What Group Exercise classes will be held during the renovations?
Our goal is to accommodate as many classes and members as possible and have composed a “renovation” schedule for the temporary months while construction is taking place. Our team has worked for several months collecting and studying data on local school start and stop times, traffic patterns, fitness trends, hourly branch attendance numbers, studies about successful group exercise and fitness schedules. The temporary Group Exercise schedule for July can be found HERE on our website.
What changes will take place to Group Exercise Room 1?
Due to the increase of popularity and demand, we are remodeling Group Exercise Room 1 to create a designated Mind Body Studio featuring state of the art Infrared Radiant Heat for Hot Yoga, new mirrors, Barres, new equipment storage, and an enhanced entrance to include cubbies, lockers and benches.
Where will classes be held during renovations? 
The team has worked diligently to make the best use of all our spaces. A temporary schedule will try to accommodate many of our classes in the gym, outdoors and in the functional fitness room. Because we will be sharing spaces with other program areas, we were challenged to incorporate every class into the temporary schedule. The Brace Family YMCA is uniquely positioned among several other YMCA branches in our association to help members enjoy a variety of classes while renovations are taking place. Morrison YMCA, Wesley Chapel, and the Harris YMCA are in the closest proximity to the Brace Family YMCA. After the renovations, a new group exercise schedule will be launched to better accommodate people need/requests of our members while staying current with fitness trends.
What will the Group Exercise schedule look like after renovations are complete?
The Group Exercise staff strategically created a new schedule that will go into place after the renovations are completed. This new schedule will include variety, more consistent start and stop times, current fitness trends, classes that will invite all levels of people to join and classes that are intentionally “stacked” together to compliment one another. The goal is to provide variety in our schedule that will attract, retain and most importantly, impact our members. The Mind Body Studio will offer mind/body style classes such as yoga, Pilates and Barre classes. The new schedule will allow more time between mind body classes for many reasons including cleaning needs after hot yoga class. The current Yoga room will become a multipurpose room for a variety of other classes.
Which locker rooms will be able to be used while the renovations are occurring?
The family and outdoor locker rooms will be open to everyone during all hours of branch operations. The Outdoor Locker Rooms will be updated prior renovations that will include vanity counters, added mirrors, benches, stools, shower shelves, hair dryers, lockers, swim suit spin dryer and fans. Additionally, changing tents will be available on the indoor pool deck for those who may prefer more privacy.
What is the scope of the locker room renovation?
Over the years, we have made cosmetic changes to the locker room areas. At this point, it is necessary to do a more extensive update to this area. This will include new tile floor, lockers, benches, partitions, plumbing fixtures, etc. With extent of these replacements and repairs, the renovation team saw an opportunity to create a new space. During the creative process, it became obvious that swapping the men’s and women’s locker rooms would better utilize the space to serve the unique needs of our male and female membership. For example, the women’s locker room will offer more vanity space while the men’s locker room will offer more sink space.  
Are the steam rooms and saunas included in the renovation?
The steam rooms and saunas are original to the building with the exception of the steam room in the current men’s locker room which was replaced approximately three years ago. The three original saunas and steam room will be replaced. Your YMCA membership allows access to all the Greater Charlotte YMCAs. The branches with these amenities that are closest to the Brace Family YMCA include Harris YMCA, Simmons YMCA and Dowd YMCA. Directions to all our YMCA of Greater Charlotte branches can be found on our website.
Where can I keep up to date on important renovation news?
Visit our website and watch our Facebook page for important updates. Thank your for your patience during our next phase of renovations and we look forward to our members enjoying these newly renovated areas in the future. 


In 2016, renovations to our facility commenced with the messaging, “fitness is evolving and so are we.” During that phase, a designated cycle studio was added, new functional fitness space was created, the entire fitness center was reconfigured and updated, a new chapel was added and new larger lobby space that serves as a community hub for many was constructed. We are happy to share that the Brace Family YMCA is continuing on the path of being relevant and evolving with the changing needs of our members and the community. Beginning in early July, we will start renovating the adult locker rooms and Group Exercise Room 1. 

The scope of the Adult Locker Room renovations will include new lockers, new flooring, updated steam & sauna rooms, a more efficient configuration, and updated fixtures/amenities. In order to serve our members during the renovations, adults will have access to the family and outdoor locker rooms. The outdoor locker rooms are currently being updated with more amenities for our members to use while the indoor adult lockers rooms are closed. These updates include added mirrors, updated electrical outlets, hair dryers, lockers, a vanity counter, benches & stools, additional hooks, added fans, shower shelving and a swim suit spin dryer. For those desiring more privacy while changing, portable privacy pop-up tents will be located on the indoor pool deck.

Due to the increased popularity and demand, Group Exercise Room 1 is being transformed into a designated Mind Body Studio that will feature infrared heat lamps for hot yoga, tranquil paint/décor, organized efficient storage, Barres and improved traffic flow.

Construction will take approximately 12 weeks. During that time Group Exercise Room 1 and the Yoga Room will not be available for use. Our team has been working diligently to identify alternative locations such as the gym, the functional fitness area and outdoor locations during this temporary disruption while still sharing these spaces with other program areas. A temporary group exercise schedule for July will be available June 25. After the renovations have been completed, a new group exercise schedule will be implemented to include variety, more consistent start/stop times, current fitness trends, and classes that are intentionally “stacked” to compliment one another.

In the next few weeks, we will be providing updates as they become available via email, in branch communication and social media. Please take a moment to like our Facebook page as a way to keep up to date on developments in the branch.

Thank you for being part of our YMCA family!