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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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Learning, friendships, fitness and fun — discover all that you’d expect and more in a Homeschool partner at the Y.

Committed to youth development, it makes sense that the Y is a wonderful partner to come alongside your homeschool efforts. Aside from challenging courses to enrich your young scholars, we also offer engaging experiences to keep homeschool students active, help them meet new friends and build solid relationships. For youth ages 4 to 17.
If you’re looking for an enriching, challenging curriculum for your homeschooler, our Academy Classes incorporate a 10-week rigorous syllabus, with one to two days of instruction at the Y followed by three to four days of homework and reading at home. Our classes cover STEAM, math, composition, reading, foreign language, logic and more. Collegiate and honors level models available.
Add fun, inspirational enrichment classes to your child’s curriculum to supplement to what you’re doing at home. With little to no homework, all the learning takes place in these rich, educational classes designed to provide social opportunities while expanding your child’s mind to learn about unique topics and subjects.  
Make sure your homeschooler gets the physical activity and socialization he or she needs with our physical education and fitness classes at the Y. Kids dive into a range of different sports with others, getting the opportunity to build upon athletic skills and develop new ones. 
From service and nature to chess and cooking, our Homeschool Clubs cover a diverse range of topics to engage a variety of kids’ interests and ages. These Clubs give kids a chance to connect outside the classroom and build lasting friendships over shared passions and activities. 

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For questions and more information, please stop by or contact:
Sales & Service Center | 704 716 4200