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Consignment SalePRICING & TAGGING


Pricing of items is at the discretion of the consignor. Price to sell. You don’t want it back! Consignors with competitive prices end up taking less home and earning more money. 50 – 75% off retail is a good rule of thumb. The following can be used as a guide:
Suggested Consignment Price Guide
  • Bargain Brands – Circo, Garanimals, Carters (retails less than $10)
    • Resell $1-4
  • Basic Brands – Old Navy, TCP, OshKosh (retails $5-15)
    • Resell $3-6
  • Better Brands – Gymboree, Gap, Polo (retails $10-20)
    • Resell $4-10
  • Boutique Brands (retails $20+)
    • Resell at 25-35% of retail price
  • Toys, Gear, Books, etc.
    • Resell at 30-40% of retail price
  • Ask yourself: “What would I pay at a consignment sale?”
  • Include your items in the half-price sale. Half the money is better than no money!
  • All prices are set in quarter dollar amounts ($1, $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2, etc.)
ENTER ITEMS in My Consignment Manager
  • Click on “Enter Items” from your homepage
  • The Consignment Sale name and your consignor number will be pre-populated
  • Enter in the Price, Size, Description/Brand Name, Category, and Discount
    • Please be as descriptive as possible to better sell your items (include at least 3 identifiers)
  • The “Discount” field will automatically be checked to discount your items during the Half-Price Sale
    • If you do not want your item discounted, be sure to uncheck the box.
  • The “Donate” field will automatically be checked to donate your items if they do not sell
    • If you do not want to donate your items, you need to uncheck the box


The MOST important thing to understand about transferring your items is that the seller number on the tags MUST match your registration number. If your number is the exact same on the tags and the registered number, then everything will work perfectly and you do not need to reprint or retag your items.

To Transfer:
Go to www.myconsignmentmanager.com and login with your existing user ID and password.

After you have successfully logged in, you MUST see a table with BOTH of the sales listed. In other words, you must be registered for BOTH sales.

Click on Manage Inventory.

Under the Search Criteria box, choose to select all of your UNSOLD items from the first sale and then select the old sale and click on the Generate Items List button.

Select the items that you want to transfer into the new sale.

Next to the Search Criteria box, look for the Item Transfers option.

Select the new sale's sale and click on the Transfer Items to Consignment button.

TIP: You cannot transfer items from the view only - View ALL consignments search criteria button. You must generate the tag list from the specific sale where the items are located.


You do not need the print code if you login under: www.myconsignmentmanager.com/ymca
When you have entered all of your items and are ready to print, click on “Print Tags” at the top of the screen
  • In the drop down box labeled “From Consignment”, select “Harris YMCA Fall 2019” (active) and then click “Generate Items List”
  • Your items will populate. Click on the items you want to print or the box next to “Item #” to print all and click “Generate Tag(s)”
  • A Message box will appear saying how many tags you are going to print. Click “Ok”
  • A Generate and Print Tags box will appear. Click “Click Here to Open Your Tags Document”
  • Your tags will then appear on the screen. Click on the print button
To Print: 
Use an inkjet printer with a normal (not best quality) printout. The barcode needs to appear crisp and clear. Be sure your printer has been calibrated and set up correctly. Note: you can save your tags as a PDF file and print them anywhere. Copy centers will also cut them for you for a minimal fee!
When printing your tags, you should use only white card stock. PLEASE NO COLORED PAPER as they don’t scan well at checkout. Using card stock paper will increase the chances that your tag will stay on your item. 
Once tags have been printed you cannot make any changes to the item unless you reprint the tag.  Items with handwritten amendments on the tag cannot be sold. The sale will lock on My Consignment Manger on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at midnight.  All items must be entered into the sale before this time.