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The Cotty Adventure Park allows individuals the opportunity to challenge themselves with safe, fun and age-appropriate obstacles in the air, including:
  • Blue Obstacles (easier difficulty) — suspension bridge, barrel crawl, indy bridge and narrow plank walk.
  • Yellow Obstacles (medium difficulty) — lily pad, single double planks, vine traverse, postman’s walk, swinging log, spider web, tube net and more!
  • Red Obstacles (most challenging difficulty) — 4x4 ladder and slack line.
With amazing ways to access and exit the obstacles like a zip line, free-fall jump and drawbridge, participants will be active, engaged and loving every second!


The YMCA is committed to helping children grow up happy and healthy. In order to make a positive impact on youth in the area, we incorporate activities at the Cotty Adventure Park for the following programs:

Campers will make unforgettable memories and experience a true outdoor adventure as they enjoy access to our wilderness amenities.

Our preschoolers will have plenty of outdoor fun and can enjoy the wooded area with an age-appropriate playground within the Cotty Adventure Park.

The Harris YMCA is a place where kids to connect and learn after school spending time outdoors as they become more confident in themselves.


Give your employees the chance to get out of the office, get into nature and get to know each other on a deeper level. Corporate retreats at the Cotty Adventure Park are created to improve communication and create stronger teams within your organization.
Led by professional facilitators, your group will be presented with challenges that require strategy, communication and collaboration to complete. Whether they’re working together on a low-ropes course or brainstorming under the tree canopy, employees are guaranteed to have a blast.  

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For more information, please stop by or contact:
Sales & Service Center | 704 716 6800