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For ages 16+

Gain the skills to save a life. YMCA Lifeguard Training is a comprehensive course, for ages 16 and up, that focuses on water rescue, safety and prepares lifeguards to anticipate and prevent dangers. Upon successful completion, participants are qualified to work at an aquatics facility as a certified lifeguard. Participants must attend all classes and successfully pass exams to receive certification.

  • Lifeguard Training
  • CPR/AED Certification
  • First Aid Certification
  • Emergency Oxygen Administration Certification

Certification includes 27.5 hours of training in the pool or classroom, plus additional online learning. Each session is unique and every attempt is made to accommodate the participants’ schedules as a group. After registering for a class, the aquatics director will contact registrants to outline specific dates and times for that program.  Have questions before you register?  Send an email to the branch aquatics director here.

  • Tread water for two minutes.
  • Able to swim 300 yards continuously.
  • Able to surface dive to 8 - 10 feet depth of water and swim 15 feet underwater.
  • Able to carry a significant amount of weight to the side of the pool.
  • Able to exit pool and ascend lifeguard stand, both unassisted.

12 - 15 years

This program teaches the key elements found in the YMCA Lifeguard Training. We prepare youth to become a future lifeguard. Participants learn incident prevention, victim recognition, how to activate the emergency action plan (EAP) and make basic rescues. They also learn how to assist lifeguards in providing emergency care plus the importance of reports and professionalism.
Junior Guard Aquatic Leadership presents the perfect opportunity to develop leadership and service skills while making significant contributions to your community. Includes CPR & First Aid certification with successful completion of program. Please note that this is not a lifeguard certification course.

  • Swim 100 yards freestyle
  • Tread water for 2 minutes
  • Surface dive into 4-6 feet of water
For more information, please stop by or contact:
Sales & Service Center | 704 716 6800