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Afterschool CentralWelcome to Afterschool Central at the Harris YMCA!

Afterschool Central is your one-stop information center providing all the details you need to help you understand our program’s procedures, policies, schedules and more. We strive to create a hassle-free experience where parents feel secure about their kids in our care. Take a moment to review this information and set your child up for a wonderful year of learning, growth and fun. We hope Afterschool at the Y will be one of the best parts of your child’s school year!


Parent Handbook
Parent Handbook
Schedule / Calendar
Food / Snack Info
Pick Up
Authorized Pick-Up
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Parent Handbook
Parent Handbook
This is your go-to guide for everything you and your child need to know to be prepared and have an awesome Afterschool experience! Read the Quick Reference Guide for Parents >>
We offer a connection service to safely transport CMS students from school to the Y. After you register for the program with the Y, you must complete an alternate stop request form for your child. Alternate Stop Request Form >>

Exceptions: Beverly Woods Elementary, Carmel Middle School and Quail Hollow Middle School do not need an Alternate stop request from CMS.
  • Students from Beverly Woods Elementary will walk across to the Harris YMCA with afterschool staff. Parents of Beverly Woods students should inform school staff of their child’s enrollment in the YMCA Afterschool Program.
  • Students from Carmel Middle School and Quail Hollow Middle School will be picked up by our staff using a YMCA bus.
We have “runner” staff who take participants to and from other registered YMCA programs such as swimming, sports, dance and gymnastics on the Harris YMCA Campus between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM.
  • To use this service, parents need to complete a Runner Request Form to let afterschool staff know which programs, including days and times, their child needs to attend. Afterschool staff will not have access to other programs’ rosters so we rely on Runner Request Forms to get accurate information. To get a Runner Request Form, email Colin Ashley.
  • If a participant’s program ends after 6:00 PM, parents will be required to pick up their child directly from their program area.
  • We are not able to take children across the street to Beverly Woods Elementary School for soccer/basketball practices.
Below are the average times that CMS buses arrive at the YMCA. Buses typically arrive within a 10 - 15 minute window of the time provided. Any transportation related questions should be directed to CMS or the school. 

K-5th GRADE 
Smithfield – 3:15 PM
Selwyn - 3:30 PM
Huntingtowne Farms - 3:45 PM
Olde Providence - 4:00 PM
Waddell - 4:00 PM
Sharon - 4:00 PM
Myers Park - 4:45 PM
Barringer - 5:15 PM
Park Road Montessori - 5:15 PM

4:00 PM – Waddell
4:15 PM– Alexander Graham
4:30 PM – Quail Hollow and Carmel
4:45 PM – Randolph
The Harris YMCA Afterschool Program follows the CMS School Calendar. We do not offer care on Labor Day, Good Friday and Memorial Day. Classrooms may be comprised of more than one grade to meet both our safety ratio and availability.

Afterschool runs from 2:30 PM – 6:30 PM, Monday – Friday on all scheduled school days.

On CMS teacher workdays, the Harris YMCA offers a full day of care from 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM at an additional cost of $22 per day per child. Preregistration is required and all registration information will be given to parents at least 2 weeks in advance. “Out of School Day Care” is only offered to afterschool participants, with the exception of Holiday Camp and Spring Break Camp.
Food / Snack Info
Afterschool participants will receive a snack every day. We strive to provide healthy options every day. Some typical snacks include pretzels, cheese sticks, apple slices and Chex Mix. You can send along a snack with your child if you prefer. The Harris Afterschool Program is a peanut sensitive facility and we ask that you do not send peanut products.  
Pick Up 
Pick-up runs from 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM at the Cato Education Center for grades K – 3 and at the Vivian Carroll Activity Center (Teen Center) for grades 4 - 8. Parents/guardians are required to show a valid photo ID AND be listed as an “authorized adult” to pick up their child.

To create or change your authorized list for a child, email harrisafterschool@ymcacharlotte.org.

The Harris YMCA After School Program ends at 6:30 PM. After that time a fee of $1 a minute will be charged.
Payment Procedures
Afterschool registrations are processed on a first-come, first served basis:
  • YMCA Member Registration began April 1, 2019
  • Program Participant Registration began April 15, 2019
  • YMCA Member Registration Fee: $25 – Individual child
  • Program Participant Fee: $50 – Individual child
  • Tuition is due on the 15th of each month from August to May and split into 10 equal payments based on the annual tuition cost.
  • If payment is not received by 6:00 PM on the due date, you will incur a $25 late payment fee in addition to the monthly fee.
  • We offer automatic monthly drafts by credit/debit card on the 15th of every month beginning August 15 – May 15. If a draft is returned there will be a $25 return draft fee.
  • Monthly fee does not include Out of School Days, Holiday Camp or Spring Break Camp. Afterschool participants ONLY will have the option to register for Out of School and Early Release Days for a nominal additional fee.
  • Tuition may be refunded if a cancellation form is processed 15 days in advance.
  • Withdrawal from the program requires a 15 day notice from the date the cancellation is received.
  • Registration fees are non-refundable.
  • Cancellations should be directed to the Afterschool Director.
As part of our My Y Pricing rate structure, an Adjusted Program Rate is available to all who qualify. Both Members and Program Participants must provide income verification at the Sales & Service Center in order to receive an adjusted program rate.

Note: All program rate adjustments are subject to branch specific, program-specific caps. Standard rates are set by each individual branch.

For Beverly Woods, Smithfield, Selwyn, Sharon, Charlotte Lab School, Olde Providence, Huntingtowne Farms and Waddell Language Academy: OPTIONS 
  • 5 Days/Week - $285 per draft/$2,846 annually for members. $347 per draft/$3,470 annually for Program Participants
  • 3 Days/Week - $242 per draft/$2,214 annually for members. $299 per draft/$2,789.44 annually for Program Participants
  • 2 Days/Week - $203 per draft/$2024 annually for members. $258 per draft/$2,579 annually for Program Participants
For Barringer Academic Center, Cotswold, Park Road Montessori and Myers Park Traditional: OPTIONS 
  • 5 Days/Week - $245 per draft/$2,443 annually for members. $297 per draft/$2,970 annually for Program Participants
  • 3 Days/Week - $206 per draft/$2057 annually for members. $269 per draft/$2,686 annually for Program Participants
  • 2 Days/Week - $175 per draft/$1,744 annually for members. $222 per draft/$2,217 annually for Program Participants
Note: Prices may vary slightly based on specific days chosen 6th – 8th GRADE OPTIONS
  • Afterschool - $154.53 per draft/$1,545.28 annually for members. $184.45 per draft/$1,844.48 annually for  Program Participants
We value regular communication with our parents and want to keep you informed of all that’s happening in our program. Keep your eyes peeled for our bi-weekly newsletter that will come home with  your child. In it you’ll find important reminders and program highlights. Please check back soon for a newsletter update.
Contact Us
Contact Us
Afterschool Office
704 716 6858 | harrisafterschool@ymcacharlotte.org

Jesse Hollars, Youth Development Director-Afterschool
704 716 6845 | jesse.hollars@ymcacharlotte.org

Laura Pena, Associate Youth Development Director
704 716 6831laura.pena@ymcacharlotte.org

For more information, please stop by or contact:
Sales & Service Center | 704 716 6800