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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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Flag Football

The Y introduces young football players to the fundamentals of the game. Y volunteers lead players in drills and games that teach the basic offensive skills, defensive skills and positions.

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  • U8 (5 - 7 years) 
  • U10 (8 - 9 years) 
  • U12 (10 - 11 years) 
  • U14* (12 - 14 years)
  • U18* (14 - 17 years) 
*The U14 and U18 leagues travel to play other YMCA branches and may play games at other locations.

The Morrison YMCA team plays in a competitive travel league. We compete against local YMCA clubs in the area.
  • U-14  |  Co-Ed 
  • U-18  |  Co-Ed 
For field conditions, rainout information and cancellations, please call: 
704 716 4676
For more information, please stop by or contact:
Sales & Service Center | 704 716 4600