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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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Our Recreational Gymnastics program offers a sound foundation for gymnastics or any other sport. Children learn skills and drills in carefully graduated steps leading them from basic to more advanced. All classes incorporate fun and fitness!

Girls Gymnastics Attire: Leotard or shorts or with elastics waist, t-shirt, bare feet. No jewelry, hair bows, belts, jeans, skirts or shorts with snaps or zippers. Hair pulled back, off the face.

Boys Gymnastics Attire: Shorts, t-shirt, bare feet. No belts, jeans, or shorts with snaps or zippers.

K - 5th grade
Stretch, balance, and tumble into fun! Our Gymnastics Basics program is designed for children who have little to no experience. This class introduces children to the gymnastics equipment and basic body positions while building fundamental skills. Children may explore in this fun gymnastics zone for multiple sessions or progress to more advanced classes under the guidance of our skilled staff. These classes are divided into three parts; warm-up and stretching, skills and drills, and cool down/reflection. 

NINJASTICS | K - 5th grade
Ninjastics combines climbing, swinging, vaulting and jumping with basic tumbling and balance skills for the active kid.  Participants will develop strength, gain body awareness and increase coordination by navigating around, across, through, over and under different obstacles. 

An afterschool participant opportunity to get those wiggles out!  Twenty fast paced minutes to run, jump, climb, and swing!  Run a few obstacle courses and be ready to get your homework done! 

REC GYMNASTICS | K - 5th grade
Let your child take recreational gymnastics to a new level. We introduce gymnasts to a foundation of basic floor skills (rolling, cartwheels and handstands), basic bar skills (front support, casting, mill circles), basic vaulting skills (correct footing to vault handstand), and basic beam skills (pivots, mounts, leaps). Through strength and flexibility training, the gymnasts develop more advanced skills, including round-offs, handstands, walkovers and more complex skills on all apparatus. 

PRE-TEAM | 1st - 6th grade
This class is for the gymnast that seeks a challenge!  This class identifies the gymnast's strengths and areas of weakness and builds specific skills to help them become well balanced in all 4 events of the sport.  This is an intermediate to advanced class. A gymnast must demonstrate the following with no assistance: forward and backward roll, cartwheel, back bend kick over (or very close), round-off, the ability to walk forward and backward on toes on the beam, and 5 toes to bar or a 5 second chin-up.  Approval must be obtained from the Program Coordinator before registration.

For the intermediate to advanced gymnast that seeks a more challenging class or a second weekly class for our pre-team gymnasts. The student will be taught to work independently as well as with an instructor on all events.  A gymnast should demonstrate the following: forward, backward roll, and cartwheel with no assistance.  The gymnast will also need to demonstrate a sturdy handstand, back bend kick over (or very close), round-off, and 3 toes to bar or a 5 second chin-up.  

For more information, please stop by or contact:
Contact Us  | 704 716 4600