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Introducing young children to the wonder and delight of dance in a structured setting.

Have a little twinkle toes at home who likes to move? Let your little star shine with our Preschool Dance Classes that cultivate imagination, creativity and social development in a caring environment. Students grow and develop as they learn the fundamental vocabulary and skills associated with dance.  


Ages 1 - 3
With parent or guardian close by, children learn the basics of dance while engaging in hands-on movement activities essential to proper development and social skills. We focus on dance movement, hand-eye coordination, stretching, counting and rhythm. It’s a great way to get children comfortable with being in a dance studio setting along with parent participation. 
Ages 2.5 - 3
Little ones enjoy this exciting first exposure to dance class. With a focus on coordination and rhythm, we introduce a structured environment while allowing children to recognize their own individuality and body mobility.

Ages 3 - 4
Combining tap and ballet, this class develops your child's coordination as well as an understanding of dance concepts and terminology. We concentrate on vocabulary, alignment and proper execution of movement along with memorization and independence through a sequence of tasks. Students improve motor skills, learn basic ballet positions and begin work on simple tap movements.  

Ages 3 - 5
In this class, your child will explore the basics of creative dance interspersed with age appropriate pre-ballet exercises. Lessons include games, stories and music to stimulate imagination and creativity to encourage strength, flexibility, balance and precision. Children perform in a delightful showcase at the end of the session to highlight what each dancer has learned. A great first dance class!

Ages 3.5 - 5
This fun high energy class that lays a good foundation in Hip-Hop while exposing the students to a variety of styles. The movements and exercises will develop greater body awareness, flexibility, strength and control as well as musicality. The dance choreography will further develop musicality, style, and performance personality. Students will also be given an encouraging opportunity to express their freestyle movements, fostering their own unique style and building their self-confidence as the class cheers them on.
Ages 4 - 5
This class is designed for new and returning students to explore more complex tap and ballet concepts while continuing to execute basic dance elements. Students work on right-left awareness plus explore rhythm and tempo as they are introduced to dance class etiquette.
Need an easy way to transport safely from school to the Y or transition your child from one Y program to another? Learn more about our Connection Service >>
For more information, please stop by or contact:
morrisondance@ymcacharlotte.org | 704 716 4619