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Youth Theatre

Combines storybooks and creative play in fun theatre adventures for young children.

Experience the excitement of creative dramatics! Story books and creative play combine in this fun adventure that builds confidence, creativity, literacy and social skills. Young performers learn beginning theatre concepts and vocabulary while developing essential life skills. New stories are explored each session to create a unique experience for returning participants. Each class concludes with a Sharing for family and friends featuring the young actors.
2017-18 Workshop Sessions
4-week Mini-Session: September 4-30, 2017
10-week Session: October 2-December 16, 2017 (no class Nov 20-25)
10-week Session: January 8-March 17, 2018
10-week Session: March 19-June 2, 2018 (no class April 2-7)

Ages 3 - 5
Young actors explore a new story each class introducing basic theatre vocabulary and concepts while discovering character and movement. Sessions are designed for beginning and returning students exploring new themes and material each session.

K-2nd grade
This exciting acting class introduces basic script work, improvisation, and character creation while bringing popular children’s books to life. Themes change each session to introduce fun, new script and materials each session.

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