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Studio ExperienceClassSTUDIO EXPERIENCE

Intro to Studio | K-2nd grade
Get a taste of studio art while working with professional teaching artists in a variety of techniques and materials including paint, clay, watercolors and more! Students explore the learning, design and creation process sampling the studio experience. Young artists are introduced to the creative process and begin to understand that art is limitless by exploring a challenging and fun curriculum developed by a variety of teaching artists, each expert in a specific medium. Students as exposed to introductory visual art technique and vocabulary as they progress and prepare for winter and spring showcases.

Studio Art Experience | 3rd-12th grade
Experience studio art while working with experts in a variety of techniques and materials including paint, charcoal, clay, pastels, watercolors and much more! Students engage fully in the design and creation process building a rich portfolio of experience through hands on lessons that teach history, elements of art, genres, styles and artist biographies. By introducing new teaching professionals throughout the session, students experience a rigorous curriculum of visual art techniques and vocabulary that will prepare them for exhibitions in the winter and spring.

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