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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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We customize our rates based on the number of people in your household who join the Y. If your annual household income is under $80,000, we offer rate adjustments to make the Y affordable for all.

No joining fee. Never a contract. We believe our services, and not a contract, will keep you around. You can add or remove members at anytime.

Your branch specific membership includes unlimited access to the Union County YMCA at Wesley Chapel facility. For metro membership rates that include unlimited to access to all YMCA of Greater Charlotte locations as well as statewide YMCA reciprocity access view our metro rate calculator >>


Use our calculator to estimate your monthly membership rate. The calculator assumes you will have one individual (age 16+) on the membership.  You may add additional adults and children. Select your annual household income to view your monthly membership rate.

Membership Rate Calculator - Individual Membership (16+) Membership Rate Calculator
My Price: $72.00/ month

Add Membership Details

My Price: $72.00/ month
Membership Type: Metro Membership (All Branches) Members: One Adult
* Income verification is required to receive an income-contingent reduced membership rate.

In order to receive a rate adjustment based on income, you must present a current tax return (form 1040) to verify household income at the time you join and as requested by the YMCA. A staff member will view line 6 of the 2018 Form 1040. For tax returns prior to 2018, staff will view line 22 of the 1040, line 15 of the 1040A or line 4 of the 1040 EZ. If your tax return shows a negative income, you must also present two recent consecutive bank statements showing deposits as well as two recent consecutive paystubs.