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My daughter had an amazing week at YMCA Camp Harrison. She wants to spend the entire summer there next year! She raves about all the activities, the mountain view and all her new friends.
- Mom of first time camper

We love YMCA Camp Harrison! My teenage daughter says when she is there, it is the best week(s) of her year. When I picked her up, she was begging to stay!  Thanks for encouraging her and building her self-confidence. After every session, she comes home a stronger, more well-rounded kid. She even makes her bed without being asked! Thanks for investing in my child.
- Mom of 2-week camper

Most excellent. My two boys got back on Saturday and haven't stopped taking about their experience. The counselors made a huge impression on them!
- Dad of first time campers

YMCA Camp Harrison is centered on values. We have only been back home for 24 hours, and I know that my child’s life has been changed. He has grown closer to God and made a ton of new friends. You practice the values that you teach and help guide our kids to make these things part of every day. Thanks for creating such a safe, loving environment. You are making a lasting impact on the next generation.
- Mom of 1-week camper