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We are excited to have your camper joining us this summer at Camp Harrison! We want to make planning for camp as easy for you as possible, and this page, along with our Parent Guide, will answer all your questions and help you adequately prepare your camper for this amazing experience.


Parent Guide
Parent Guide


Check-In & Check-Out

Packing for Camp


Meals / Dining Hall


Life at Camp


Safety / Medical Information
Activity Preferences


Heat & Sun Precautions

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Communicating With Campers

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Parent Guide
This is your go-to guide for everything you and your camper need to know to be prepared and have an awesome camp experience! Read the Parent Guide >>
Check-In & Check-Out

Staff will be at the main entrance to greet you starting at 3:00 PM, where you will be given your cabin assignment and directed to either the Dining Hall or to your child’s cabin. Staff members will be available in the dining hall to assist with accounting needs, cabin request issues, and land activity preference forms. The camp store will also be open to purchase any last minute care package items. Counselors will be waiting in the cabin to meet and welcome campers. By 4:30 PM, parents should depart while campers begin Opening Day activities.

Campers must be checked into camp by someone over the age of 18. Campers are not permitted to drive themselves to camp. All camper medication (including over-the-counter medications) must be in the original bottle and checked in with the Camp Nurse in the dining hall.

Early Drop-Off Policy
Should you be unable to arrive during check-in, we ask that you bring your child to camp on Saturday between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM and pay the changeover fee ($125).

Camper medication will be available for pick up on the front porch of the dining hall during check-out. Lost-and-found will be readily accessible on the sidewalk between the pool and the dining hall. It is the responsibility of the parent to pick up any unused medications from the camp nurse and to make sure you have all your camper’s belongings. All unclaimed medication will be thrown away after the camper has left. All unclaimed lost-and-found items are held for two weeks and then donated to charity. Campers must be signed out by a parent or parent approved adult. For the protection of all campers and staff, parents must give written permission to campharrison@ymcacharlotte.org for anyone other than themselves to pick up their camper(s). Anyone other than parent/guardian picking up camper must provide a photo ID.
Camp provides all the necessary equipment for all activities. Please remember, Camp is not responsible for personal items brought to Camp including recreation equipment. Please make sure you have all your child’s items when you pick them up. All items should be labeled with camper’s name. The number suggested is the minimum needed. Many times an extra pair of shorts or socks is useful. Bring only items that you don’t mind if it gets dirty or lost. Items left after the camper leaves will be donated to charity. View Packing List >>

Laundry service will be offered to campers staying for multiple sessions. We will provide a small laundry bag for each multi-session camper. You will still need to pack enough clothing for your camper’s stay, but this will provide them with an opportunity have their essentials washed.
We prepare appealing and nutritious meals under the careful supervision of a nutritionist. We strive to meet each child’s dietary needs and successfully accommodate most food allergies. A variety of fresh fruit, hot and cold cereals, vegetables and kid-friendly options are offered at every meal. A salad bar is available during lunch and dinner. At mealtime, mature and knowledgeable counselors gently guide campers towards healthy and appropriate choices. Vegetarian options are always available. Products that contain peanuts and tree nuts are not served in the dining hall.

Special dietary concerns?
Indicate any food allergies, diet restrictions or needs on the camper health history form and given shared with the Food Service office at 336 921 7027. The dining hall is successful in accommodating campers with most food allergies. Camp meals are provided by Aramark.
While individual camp sessions vary, here’s generally what a day at Camp Harrison looks like:

7:00 AM - Rise and shine and cabin clean-up
7:50 AM - Flagpole / Blessing
8:00 AM - Breakfast / Morning watch
9:00 AM - Land activities
12:00 PM - Lunch
12:45 PM - BOB time (rest period)
2:00 PM - Water activities
5:30 PM - Return to cabins / prepare for dinner
5:50 PM - Flag lowering and blessing
6:00 PM - Dinner
7:00 PM - Evening program
8:30 PM - Vespers
9:30 PM - Return to cabins / cabin devotions
10:00 PM - Lights out
To ensure a safe camp experience, we maintain a 1 to 4 counselor to camper ratio. All of our summer staff are YMCA CAMP HARRISON certified in Basic First Aid and CPR, with a majority of our staff being YMCA Lifeguard certified. Cabin counselors check camper’s daily cleanliness, cuts, sunburn, insect bites, etc. Accident insurance is not included in the camp fee.

Registering with CampDoc.com
We partner with CampDoc.com to provide the best possible care for campers. Details for registering with CampDoc.com and completing the necessary medical forms will be available upon registration. Camper parents will receive a welcome email detailing instructions for completing camper health care information at this time. Learn more about our partnership with CampDoc.com >>

For the safety of all campers, medications must be in original bottles/containers (including any over-the-counter medication or vitamins) and must be checked in with Camp Nurse during check-in, located in the dining hall. No medications are allowed in cabins (exceptions: inhalers and epi-pens). Camper medications are dispensed at each meal by a camp nurse. “As needed” medications will be kept at the Health Center and brought up at meal times. If there are any changes in your camper’s medications, please, update your profile prior to check-in.

Health Center
Campers who are not feeling well have the opportunity to visit the Health Center, as needed. The health center is staffed and open 24 hours a day for urgent medical situations. In the event that a camper spends the night in the Health Center or there is a serious situation, parents will be called. All camp nurses are Registered Nurses (RNs) and work under a doctor’s orders. Doctors are on call for consultation in nearby North Wilkesboro.
Talk with your camper to fill out land activity preference forms at least two weeks before arriving at camp. Preference forms will be completed using Y Camp Life, which you can access using your YMCA of Greater Charlotte member account credentials, which you used to register for camp (give us a call if you are having trouble logging in). View Activities >>

Want to enhance your child’s experience? Learn more about these our special add-on activities >>
The safety and comfort of our campers is always our top priority. Water stations are located at every activity to ensure proper hydration. We encourage campers to bring their own water bottles and sunscreen, but we also provide hypoallergenic sunscreen for campers and staff who need it.
Log on to our Y Camp Life portal to check out fun photos of your camper in action! Visit Y Camp Life >>

We invite parents, siblings, friends and family members to email campers while at camp. There is no charge for one-way emails. Log onto our secure site link above, Y Camp Life, to create an email for your camper. We print emails Monday - Friday by 11:00 AM. We do not print emails on Saturday or Sunday.

Regular Mail
Campers also love to receive regular mail while at camp. We encourage families to share the camp address with loved ones so they may send unlimited cards or letters. Send letters to YMCA Camp Harrison (Camper’s First/Last Name and Cabin) 7901 S NC Hwy 18 Boomer, NC 28606. You may even pack a few surprise letters in your camper’s baggage/luggage for them to find during their camp stay.

YMCA Camp Harrison provides one post card for campers to write home during each session. If you wish for your camper to send additional letters home or to family / friends while at camp, please provide stamped and addressed envelopes for your camper.

Care Packages
We welcome parents to bring pre-packaged mail/packages to drop off in the dining hall during check in. The following items are great for care packages: books, magazines, comic books, water bottles, stuffed animals, puzzles, decks of cards, glow sticks, small toys, bubbles, bouncy balls, stickers, stick-on mustaches, temporary tattoos, friendship bracelets, lanyard string, Mad Libs, puzzle books, journals, origami paper, stationery, funny glasses, bright nail polish, hair accessories, wacky clothing/hats, cool socks, compasses, flash lights, pet/family photos, disposable cameras, autograph books/pillows, and forgotten items. You may also purchase and create care packages from The Cornerstone (camp store) on opening day. Please limit packages to no more than three per camper. We deliver packages on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Phone Calls
Campers do not make phone calls home. Parents of first time campers receive a call mid-week from the Head Counselor. This call gives parents an update on what their camper is participating in during the week.
YMCA Camp Harrison
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