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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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Boost your team’s productivity and morale while building on each other’s strengths. 

Our customized team building programs help groups improve their ability to work together and recognize each other's strengths. With varying options of depth and intensity on our low or high ropes course, our expert facilitators align your experience with your specific objectives and goals. Focus on communication, cooperation and having fun as a team.
Team building benefits all types of groups – large, small, youth, adult, church, school, civic, business. Through group and individual initiatives, participants work together in an environment of respect, honesty, caring, responsibility and fun to achieve team success. The team concept relies on individuals choosing group success over individual recognition. By learning fundamental team concepts in our program, participants begin to practice and develop skills that transfer into their group or work environment.
Choose from full day, half day or overnight experiences.