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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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Foster stronger relationships between students and their teachers.

The overnight program incorporates environmental science and character education. Designed to meet North Carolina curriculum standards for each grade level, students spend days and nights investigating the natural environment while learning about their personal values.

Our overnight program centers on three main components:

Environmental Science

  • Forest Ecology: Students learn ecology basics and the local flora and fauna.
  • Water Ecology: Students learn about the water cycle, water conservation and the organisms within the water.
  • People and the Land: Students learn about local resources, food production and culture.

Character Education

  • Students make conservation globe to take back to the classroom
  • Respect for other cultures and people
  • Teambuilding and new friendships
  • Interactive games that challenge student views and values

Life Changing Experience

  • Connection to Herring Ridge and the Brushy Mountains
  • Fostering students interest in science for years to come
  • All the benefits of a resident camp experience including lifetime memories, relationships and personal growth