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A Critical Part of YMCA Camp Thunderbird’s Mission 

Each year, we award hundreds of undeserved children in our community “camperships” or scholarships to attend Resident Camp and Day Camp. Camperships instill purpose and importance in our local children, paving the path for them to grow into impactful, community-minded adults.
Like you, these kids build character at camp through friendship, personal growth, positive role models, self-esteem and trust. Many children who attend camp through the Send a Kid to Camp program experience these lessons for the first time in their lives.
You – our camp family – is vital to the “Send a Kid to Camp” mission. We need your help to continue telling our story, generating awareness and raising funds so all kids, regardless of background and financial means, experience the life-changing experience of camp.
Did You Know?
  • YMCA Camp Thunderbird gives away 400 weeks of camp each year.
  • We rely on philanthropy, the generosity of individuals and companies, to fund the “Send a Kid to Camp” program.
  • We are a 501(c)3 charity. All donations are tax-deductible. 
Top 10 Ways to Help Send Kids to Camp
  • Make your own contribution; every dollar counts!
  • Pledge monthly. $10 per month turns into $120 per year.
  • Ask 10 friends to give $10. You raise $100. Ask for a monthly $10 pledge... you raise $1200.
  • Send an e-mail telling your camp story. Ask friends and family to donate online.
  • Post a link to the Financial Aid – Give page to your Facebook or Twitter.
  • Choose Camp as the recipient of a service project or existing fundraiser.
  • Host a “Party for a Purpose” - gather your friends, charge a small fee and have a great time while supporting camp.
  • Ask a Camp friend to help you. It doubles your efforts!
  • In lieu of gifts for birthdays and holidays, ask for contributions to help send kids to camp.
  • Share your own camp story with those you ask for support. It speaks the loudest. 
To request a pledge card, call:
704 716 4100  

For more information, contact:
Gwen Tolman, Sr. Financial Development Officer
704 716 4158 | Gwen.Tolman@YMCACharlotte.org