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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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From our parents:

"My daughter has attended day camp since she was seven. She is now 12 and returns every summer. This is a professionally run camp with lots of outdoor activities, quality instruction and attentive counselors. My daughter has grown tremendously each year by participating in day camp."

"Absolutely amazing experience. My kids loved it! They were excited every day when I picked them up from day camp. The staff was very friendly and personable."

“My daughter has been to several camps. Though she has always enjoyed them, she's never really continued sharing the things she learned or her experiences much beyond the end of camp like she has after attending the CTB day camp program. She frequently references activities, songs, conversations with the counselors and the "life lessons" she was taught. To me, that is indicative of the lasting impression day camp made on her.”

"YMCA Camp Thunderbird is fantastic. Highly recommend. Wonderful facilities, lake activities and camp counselors."