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At the age of 8, Paul Moore received a scholarship to attend YMCA Camp Thunderbird. This put him on the path to becoming the man that he is today. Camp gave him the chance to experience new adventures and meet people he otherwise would never have met. As a scholarship kid, the opportunity meant even more to Paul because he knew what a blessing it was to attend camp. Camp became his second home. He returned year after year, growing from camper to counselor in training, and eventually he became a counselor.
As Paul grew older, he also began to value the diversity of his cabin mates who came from a variety of socioeconomic and racial backgrounds. He credits camp with teaching him how to relate to all types of people and for exposing him to new experiences such as music and the arts. Now a husband, successful attorney and father of two young boys, Paul is thankful that camp gave him an appreciation for all people.
Today, he wants his boys, as well as other children, to have the same opportunity to experience camp. When his boys are old enough, he says they'll be campers, just like their father. Now in a position to help others, Paul gives to YMCA Camp Thunderbird to support scholarships for kids in need.