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"Our daughter Gabriella just spent her third summer at YMCA Camp Thunderbird. She loves it so much that each year she adds another week to her stay and she starts packing in February (honest, she keeps a bag in the closet with things that “must go to camp, seriously, Mom!”). We figure that soon she will spend the entire year there and not miss us one bit. Camp is a great time for Gabriella. She comes out of her shell and performs in the talent show, something she would never dream of doing at home. She tries new activities each year to gain new experiences in hopes of finding new things to enjoy. She has increased her independence and has become more self sufficient and her new dream is to be a counselor at T-H-U-N-D-E-R-B-I-R-D. You know, for sure, that she will be back next summer."
Sharri, Dunwoody, GA

"Our son went to YMCA Camp Thunderbird this past summer for his first overnight camp experience. He had the most amazing time! I have already filled out the paperwork for him to return next summer. Seeing the genuine happiness camp brought him was priceless. When he returned from camp, he talked his younger brother into joining him at camp next summer. Although I may not be ready for them both to go, I know that YMCA Camp Thunderbird is the place they want to be!!" 
Alicia, Alpharetta, GA


"Camp provides a safe, fun, and adventurous experience that will forever impact a child's life. Whether it is to earn a bandana or swim the entire length of the pool, campers are given the opportunity to set individual goals. Counselors work closely with campers to help them achieve their goals by creating a fun environment, which promotes personal growth and character development. The experiences shared with others at camp create cherished memories, while opening doors to life long friendships. I am grateful to YMCA Camp Thunderbird for providing experiences that have had a lasting and positive impact on my life. "
Fran, Camper: 8 years / Staff: 3 years