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Cabins become a home-away-from home within a surprisingly short time. 

It does not take long for your child and their cabinmates – no matter where everyone comes from - to recognize that having fun doesn’t require lots of stuff or lots of inside space. Sharing living quarters and responsibilities with same-aged campers builds and grows long-lasting friendships.
We assign cabins by gender and age. Each cabin houses approximately 10-12 campers and two to three counselors. Larger cabins house 12-14 campers and four counselors. Parents may request special cabin placement by school grade or with other campers. Submit up to two cabin requests. Mutual requests from both parties are required for placing campers together in a cabin. We attempt to honor cabin requests, but this may not always be possible.
Campers sleep in bunk beds. We pre-assign bunks and cubbies. Campers store luggage/trunks beneath their bunk sharing available space with bunk mates. The height from the floor to the bottom bunk bed is approximately 24 inches. The cabins are equipped with modern conveniences such as air conditioning, full bath facilities including hot and cold running water plus ample electrical outlets.
The oldest boy cabins are open air with ceiling fans, ample electrical outlets and a shared bath facility.
With a 4:1 camper to camp staff ratio, our cabin leaders meet one-on-one daily with each camper to ensure that they thrive at camp.