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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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Our year-round interactive and experiential day programs supplement your students’ classroom experience.

Choose class options for appropriate grades from the existing list or contact us for special curriculum needs. See our Teacher Planning Guide for class descriptions >>
K – 12th Grade
Advanced Aquatic Ecology   
Bird Study 
Catawba Culture
Challenge Course - Low Elements
Fish Dissection and Seine Fishing 
Fishing and Fish ID     
Forest Ecology   
Group Dynamics 
Living History     
Nature Art 
Pioneer Life        
Soil Study  
Wildlife Ecology  
3rd – 8th Grade
High Ropes Challenge
4th – 7th Grade
4th – 8th Grade
5th – 8th Grade
Aquatic Ecology           
Environmental Debate
Meelewing - Character Development     
7th – 12th Grade
Forest Ecology