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benefits overnight camp

Camp Harrison and Camp Thunderbird, part of the YMCA of Greater Charlotte, are idyllic settings for adventure and discovery where your child will make friends and memories for a lifetime. 

  • As a YMCA member, you’ll save $125 per week-long session, and we have a few summer spots still remaining!
  • Horses, sailboats and climbing walls, OH MY!  Campers unplug from technology and into high adventure, new friendships and discovery not available at home or on a screen.
  • Our MINI Camp Harrison session is offered two times in August. The abbreviated option is perfectly priced and scheduled, especially for first time campers!
  • Safety is priority one, and our camp training, leadership and ACA certifications prove it!  Our team are experts at creating safe, nurturing environments where children feel a sense of belonging and want to try new things.
  • Camp is good for parents too! Having your child away for a while is a perfect time to refresh and renew, with no carpools, no healthy dinner to cook every night,  and no worries your child is spending too much time online. It’s a chance for you and your child to grow! Families say that reuniting when it’s over is the best part! 
                                Overnight-Camp-Benefits     Overnight-Camp-Benefits