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counselor hiring

Become a Day Camp Counselorcounselor hiring

Become a friend. Become a mentor. Become a leader. 
If you love children and want a meaningful summer job, consider being a summer camp counselor for the Y! We're looking for day camp counselors at branches across the greater Charlotte area.
As a day camp counselor, not only do you have the opportunity to improve the lives of the children you’re leading, you also get the chance to better yourself!

How You’ll Make a Difference to Campers
Throughout the day you’ll help to facilitate our camper-friendly programming including group activities and games, sports, the arts and more. You’ll be part of a team that ensures each child is safe, happy and engaged.
Every day, you’ll have the opportunity to guide children in different activities — you’ll answer their questions and provide encouragement. There’s no more rewarding feeling than when you see a camper break out of their shell and thrive in an activity because of your leadership.

How You’ll Improve Yourself
Both personally and professionally, the skills and experiences you gain as a day camp counselor will help you in almost everything that you do.
  • You learn how to lead: Leadership is a skill that is learned through real-life experience. At any given time, you’ll be directing several campers, developing skills in decision-making, behavior management and ethics.
  • Your collaboration and communication skills will soar: Each day, you will work with leadership and other counselors to communicate staffing needs and delegate responsibility to create a plan of action.
  • You will receive training and certifications: Skills like CPR and first aid are critical in emergency situations and are seen as valuable assets in many different careers.
  • You have access to a proven career path: We truly believe in developing our employees personally and professionally. Did you know that many people who start as YMCA camp counselors continue their career with the Y in other areas?
  • You can earn a powerful reference or letter of recommendation: Camp directors and camp leaders make fantastic references for your resume or college application. You will develop a close working relationship with them, and they’ll be able to speak to your strengths.

Apply to be a Counselor

Are you ready to get started? Submit your application today!

Do you have knowledge or a special skill in athletics, cooking, arts or theater? Apply to be a Specialty Camp Counselor.