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At the Y, we believe knowledge is power. When we develop an individualized weight loss plan, we educate members on the fundamentals of weight loss, identify gaps in their current lifestyle and create a plan that elevates action and accountability. When you become a member of the YMCA of Greater Charlotte, you receive a free custom weight loss plan. Not only will you have access to hundreds of fitness amenities at 19 branches in a four-county area, you’ll also be guided by accountability coaches who will help you feel empowered, supported and successful.


After you have joined the Y, a weight loss coach will help you identify your fitness color. Then, you’ll work with your accountability coach to set achievable weight loss goals, learn about the science of weight loss, establish a system of ongoing accountability and build a custom roadmap to success!

Member plans focus on improving the four keys to weight loss:
Weight Loss


You’ll work with your coach to set weight loss milestones and create SMART goals. Coaches guide you to select and sequence programs and resources that support your goals — including premium YMCA offerings for members such as personal training, group exercise, the weight loss small group program and wellness express classes that teach nutritional concepts and coach you on how to incorporate them into your everyday life.


You’ll work together with your coach to create regular check-ins to ensure you’re on track to achieve your milestone goals. During these check-ins, you’ll review your calorie tracking, receive advice on overcoming barriers, adjust goals and milestones and celebrate your successes!

When you become a member, you receive access to the weight loss roadmap design at no additional cost. Join the Y today and take the next step to get results on your weight loss journey.

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