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Advocacy - Current Issues/Topics


The YMCA of Greater Charlotte has taken a tremendous financial hit due to COVID-19. Current estimates indicate our revenue will be down $40 million from this year’s original financial forecast.

Unlike many of the smaller YMCA associations throughout North Carolina and the U.S., our organization hasn’t been able to take advantage of some of the small business loans and payroll funding that are designed for smaller nonprofits.

Unfortunately, we are unable run some of our programs due to lack of funding and COVID-19-related restrictions, which means we aren’t able to serve as many community members who need our services and programs.

Additionally, the delayed opening of gyms has impacted us greatly. While we have been able to run limited health and wellness offerings in an outdoor environment at some branches, we need to be able to open our doors – and we believe we can do this safely – in order to serve our members inside our facilities.

How can you help? Contact Governor Cooper’s office and ask that he allow North Carolina’s gyms to safely open.