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Caring For Our Children - Refueling the Future For Teens


We all miss our friends and being together, but for teens, building and maintaining peer relationships is a critical part of social development and shaping their path for the future. During a defining time in their lives when they are discovering who they are, teens crave interactions that can’t be replicated online. And for those missing out on major life milestones – prom, graduation, athletic seasons – the disappointment and disruption is only magnified. In place of their dreams, stress, anxiety and boredom fill their days.


Teens Need Us More Than Ever

Summer experiences for teens are needed now more than ever, providing opportunities to reengage with friends and refuel plans for the future. By reopening our doors on weekend nights through Level Up and reestablishing mentoring and internship opportunities through Y Achievers, our Y is committed to supporting teens with enhanced programming and partnerships.


Help Make Teen Programs Possible

We need your support to ensure Level Up and Y Achievers can serve teens that desperately need our support this summer. With your help, we can continue offering these programs at no cost for families.