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Global Services - DIG Innovation Network


Communities across the U.S. are rapidly changing. As neighborhoods become more diverse, it is important that we understand who is in our communities and how to best serve their interests and needs. The YMCA believes that in a diverse world, we are stronger when we are inclusive and our doors are open to all. It is therefore critical to both our mission and our business that Ys develop and integrate strategies to effectively engage, advocate for and serve all. This commitment to access, inclusion and engagement helps ensure our Y’s continued relevancy, viability and impact as a cause-driven organization focused on strengthening the greater world community.

DIG Innovation Network

The Diversity, Inclusion and Global (DIG) Innovation Network consists of 71 YMCAs across the country that have made an organizational commitment to integrate diversity, inclusion and global strategies across key operational and programmatic areas to strengthen their capacity to serve diverse and underserved populations, foster community cohesion, and address social equity and inclusion issues. By fully integrating DIG work into operations and programs, the DIG Innovation Network is leading the Y movement’s efforts in outreach to diverse and underserved communities and driving program innovation so that everyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from, has an opportunity to reach their full potential.

Advancing a Global Framework

The YMCA of Greater Charlotte is recognized nationally as a leading DIG Innovation YMCA. As a globally minded YMCA, we’re committed to infusing a global framework into all aspects of our work. As a DIG Innovation YMCA, we use the following principles to guide our organizational strategies, operations and programs:

  • Lead with empathy in all interactions and activities
  • Recognize, value and embrace all dimensions of diversity and work towards the greatest possible inclusion
  • Foster a safe exchange of ideas, beliefs and perspectives within and through the Y locally and globally
  • Advance social equity and bridge-building across and within all communities