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Charlotte Housing Authority

Creating vibrant, healthy communities of choice for residents that qualify for federal housing assistance, while collaborating with others to reach those with special needs.

Our Partnership with Charlotte Housing Authority

CHA proactively redefines the Charlotte community and aspire to be the preferred provider of housing that is affordable for our growing population. By partnering with quality service providers for supportive services and becoming stronger financially, our hope is to become a collaborative leader who can present effective, affordable solutions to housing issues in Charlotte. 

CHA is a non-profit real estate holding company with a public purpose. Our purpose is to provide decent, safe, housing that is affordable to low and moderate-income families while supporting their efforts to achieve self-sufficiency. CHA works hand-in-hand with quality service providers for supportive services and as a result, we continue to evolve as a collaborative leader, helping to provide solutions to housing issues in Charlotte and the surrounding area.

The North Carolina Secretary of State incorporate the Charlotte Housing Authority in June 1939. Today, we are an award-winning agency that provides vibrant, sustainable communitites, offers innovative programs and services and invest approximately $41.5 million to fun new development projects throughout the city.

Programs and Initiatives