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Free Trial Wednesday

Many people ask, does the YMCA have a free trial? We are offering a special opportunity for our members to try our Fitness and Health and Wellness paid programs for free! We will be offering these trials the last Wednesday of every month.

BootcampBrace Family YMCA9:00 AMNone
CrossfitMorrison YMCA5:30 AMballantyneymcacrossfit@ymcacharlotte.org
CrossfitMorrison YMCA6:30 AMballantyneymcacrossfit@ymcacharlotte.org
CrossfitMorrison YMCA9:30 AMballantyneymcacrossfit@ymcacharlotte.org
CrossfitMorrison YMCA12:00 PMballantyneymcacrossfit@ymcacharlotte.org
CrossfitMorrison YMCA6:00 PMballantyneymcacrossfit@ymcacharlotte.org
Functional TrainingBrace Family YMCA9:00 AMbracePT@ymcacharlotte.org
Functional TrainingLake Norman YMCA7:30 AMNone
Functional TrainingLake Norman YMCA9:00 AMNone
Functional TrainingLowes YMCA9:00 AMRegister at the Fitness Desk
Functional TrainingLowes YMCA12:00 PMRegister at the Fitness Desk
Pilates ReformerDowd YMCA9:00 AMDowdPT@ymcacharlotte.org
Pilates ReformerDowd YMCA2:00 PMDowdPT@ymcacharlotte.org
Pilates ReformerSara's YMCA11:00 AMSarasTraining@ymcacharlotte.org
Small Group TrainingDowd YMCA5:15 PMDowdPT@ymcacharlotte.org
Strength & ConditioningBrace Family YMCA10:00 AMNone
TRXLowes YMCA8:30 AMRegister at the Fitness Desk
TRXSara's YMCA9:35 AMMorrisonTRX@ymcacharlotte.org
TRXMorrison YMCA10:45 AMMorrisonTRX@ymcacharlotte.org
TRXSimmons YMCA11:30 AMsimmonsPT@ymcacharlotte.org
TRXKeith Family YMCA6:30 PMRegister in the Fitness Center