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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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It's never too late to learn!

Whether you want to learn strokes and how to float, become a proficient lap swimmer and/or acquire water safety skills, we are committed to achieving your goals.
Classes are based on three basic levels of ability from absolute beginner to stroke refinement and improvement. For ages 13+. Class ratios are low to maximize experience. Our instructor to participant ratios meet YUSA standards with 1 instructor to 8-12 participants.

Lessons teach comfort in the water, floating and breathing patterns. A favorable instructor-to-participant ratio will help you progress at your own pace.
Classes focus on stroke development, stroke variation and endurance. Your instructor will guide and instruct you as you improve your swimming abilities.
This advanced class focuses on improving stroke techniques, turns and endurance. You will reap the health benefits of swimming and improve your race time. Our instructors will cater the class toward your goals.