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The best way to protect your children in and around the water is to teach them how to swim

In addition to teaching water safety, our Preschool Swim Lessons for children ages 3 - 5 years cultivate self-esteem, encourage character development and offer long-term fitness benefits. Our qualified swim instructors are certified in CPR, AED and First Aid. Our instructor to participant ratios meet YUSA standards with 1 instructor to 6 participants.

Pike swimmers focus on gaining self-confidence in the water, front/back floats, blowing bubbles, going under the water, learning a basic paddle stroke and kicking skills while at the same time using flotation devices to help progress and gain confidence.

Requirements: No water experience required. 

Eel swimmers focus on reinforcing front/back floats, blowing bubbles, and learning to swim on front, side and back for 25 yards with a float belt and 15 feet independently.

  • Intermediate skills: Must have completed or demonstrate Pike skills.
  • Float on front and back for 20 seconds with a flotation device.       
  • Kick on front, back and side while wearing flotation device. 
  • Swim five feet on front, back and side without assistance.  

Ray swimmers focus on learning more personal safety, rescue skills, building endurance, learning to tread water and more progressive diving skills while continuing to work on skills from previous levels. 

  • Advanced skills: Must have completed or demonstrate Eel skills.
  • Jump in water and swim to wall without assistance. 
  • Swim 15 feet on front, back and side without assistance. 
  • Swim 25 yards on front, back and side with a flotation device. 

Starfish swimmers focus on reviewing skills from previous levels, refining strokes, safety skills and learning more underwater skills. The lessons will emphasize building endurance, working towards completing a full length of the pool on front and back. 

  • Must have completed or demonstrate Ray skills.
  • Tread water for 30 seconds with a flotation device.
  • Float on front and back independently for 30 seconds.           
  • Swim 20 feet on front, back and side without assistance. 
  • Swim 25 yards with flotation using basic rhythmic breathing.